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Hi Guys today we will talk about How To Win War Mode Pubg Mobile This How To Win War Mode Pubg Mobile is shared by pwnies he is intermediate player, but I win around 80% of my war mode matches without AFK hunting. Here’s some Pubg Mobile War Mode Tips for those interested so come and ta look at this How To Win War Mode Pubg Mobile guide

How To Win War Mode Pubg Mobile

How To Win War Mode Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile General Tips

  1. Keep an eye on the respawn timer. If it’s at 2 seconds, wait 2 seconds before delivering that final blow on someone. It’ll make them have to wait another 20 to respawn, and it means you wont have someone immediately dropping behind you to get revenge.
  2. Drop immediately, straight down while going sideways with the direction of the plane. You’ll land ages before the last people who drop, and you’ll be able to snipe them right as they land / before they have a chance to get their guns out.
  3. Keep moving. Sitting in a single position is good in classic mode, but bad in war. You’ll die less, but you’ll also kill less. Going 1:1 is still advantageous for your team. Prioritize killing, not living.
  4. Groups of 2 are best if you have a squad. Don’t go as 4 – you wont cover as much ground and 95% of the time you don’t need the numbers.
  5. If you’re solo, check and see who has the highest amount of kills when you’re waiting to respawn. Jump on them and team up.
  6. If you’re knocked out and there’s no hope in sight, find a way to kill yourself as fast as possible. Crawl to enemies, off cliffs, or out of the zone. Don’t just sit there.

Pubg Mobile Snipers

  1. If you’re terrible at sniping, use your fists. Alternatively, run around and find people who’ve been knocked out. Killing a crawling enemy will net you a kill and deny the other team theirs.
  2. If you’re OK at sniping, find a position and keep it.
  3. If you’re amazing at sniping, keep running the entire time. You’ll cover more ground and people usually miss the first shot on a running target, giving you a chance to turn and snipe them. I can’t tell you the number of people I see who never move while sniping.
  4. Count shots if you’re in a battle with someone. At five, take your time with your next shot – they’re reloading so you have the time to make something count.
  5. The Groza in single shot mode here is one of the best drops you can find – you can equip a 4x on it and you’ll have unlimited ammo. If you hear someone with one, hunt them down and take it.
  6. Stay out of houses. Window candy is the easiest thing to snipe in the world, and it’s usually hard for teammates to revive you unless they’re in the house with you, and if they are you’re grenade bait.

Pubg Mobile SMGs

  1. The vector in burst mode is the best gun here. If you find a stock in a crate drop, the thing turns into a full blown sniper.
  2. Don’t discount the UMP’s single shot mode for sniping. It works well when you have something going on at range.

Pubg Mobile ARs

  1. You’re going to die faster here as people are going to be dealing higher DPS from decent range – make sure you clean up your kills. Don’t just drop them then move on. Unload the full clip into a body on the ground before moving on. Securing the kill is priority #1, usually even if you’re getting shot at.

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