Pubg Mobile How To Win War Mode Pubg MobileWar Mode Guide

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Hi guys Today we will take a look at Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide This New Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide is very fun to play This is  a  new, faster-paced variation of Arcade mode so in This Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide I will show you  Top 9 Pubg Mobile War Mode so come and take a look at this Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide

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Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide

  1. War mode supports solo, duo, and squad. The total number of players in a single game is 20 players.
  2. Each team relies on knocking out / knocking down enemies and recovering teammates who have been knocked out to get points.
  3. The team that first reached the designated points within a given time period wins. If no team reaches the designated point within the specified time, the team with the highest score will win. Specific rules for obtaining points are as follows: Eliminating opponents in the game + 3 points knock down the opponent + 1 point and save the knocked down teammate + 1 point.
  4. Players who are eliminated every 30 seconds in the round can return to the plane and enter the battlefield again through skydiving.
  5. Everyone drops with random equipment, such as submachine guns, rifles, and sniper rifles.
  6. During the game, you can loot materials on the battlefield.
  7. The circle will not shrink during the game.
  8. The airdrop frequency in this mode increases.
  9. Everyone drops with level 1 armor, 5 bandages, and 1 grenade.
  10. Players need to reach level 10 before entering.

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