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There’s a big problem with the fact that new cards are going to be released every two weeks. It’s going to be bad whether you pay or not.


New cards It should be common knowledge that the game tries to even out the cards that you have. For example, when the ice spirit was released, you probably got it in almost every chest. This is what is going to happen when the new cards are released. Gradually, the type of cards that you will be getting is going to be restricted to the new ones. new cards

Let’s take the example of an Arena 9 player. Most A9 players have level 7-8 cards. Not counting cards received from donations, it takes a total of 200 cards received from chests to upgrade to level 7, and 400 cards received from chests to upgrade to level 8. Let’s take the low bound of 200. On Monday (speculated), the mega minion is going to be released. To even out the number of cards among all of the player’s cards, the player must receive 200 mega minion cards from chests. Therefore, most of the rares that a player receives will be mega minions. If the player in our example gets 10 per day, they will need 20 days to even out the mega minions. Long before that, another rare card will have been released. new cards


The system would have to do the catching-up again, but this time, both new cards need to catch up. The situation is functionally identical for common cards. In a few months, if the majority of new cards are commons or rares, the player will continuously get only the newer cards from chests. They will rarely get other cards from chests, making it cumulatively harder and harder to level them up. A level 7/8 musketeer will remain a level 7/8 musketeer (ignoring donations). new cards

4 New Cards

Now, let’s talk about gold. Every two weeks, a new card will be released. Fully upgrading a card requires more than 175,000 gold. This means that in addition to upgrading all your other cards, you now need 175,000 more gold every two weeks in order to max out all the new cards. Are you an f2p? Sorry, you can only make approximately 40,000 every two weeks, so you’ll never max out. In fact, just to have enough gold to max out a new card, you need $50 (USD). new cards

This means you need to pay $50 every two weeks just to keep up with the amount of gold, not even the amount of cards, required to keep your overall progression (all the cards) at a standstill. Do you also want enough cards to be able to use that gold and upgrade it to max level? That’s at least $100 every two weeks, if the new card is not an epic or legendary. If it is, it’s even harder to get the card, and so the cost is significantly higher. new cards

This needs to be addressed by Supercell. If you don’t pay, you’re screwed. If you do, you now need to pay significantly more. I say just double the cards received from chests and triple the gold. Seriously. If the cards are going to keep coming, the means to actually use them should too. new cards


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