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 Clash Royale Trade Tokens Hi Guys Finally A new feature is coming in Clash Royale September Update 2018 where you can Trade Cards in Clash Royale and This new feature Clash Royale Trade Tokens is coming in Clash Royale September Update 2018 basically You can use Clash Royale Trade Tokens to trade cards of your choice including legendaries

You can Get them from Clash Royale Challenges, Clash Royale Clan Wars or The shop ( not sure about other sources ) so come and take a look at this Clash Royale Trade Tokens gudie

Clash Royale Trade Tokens

Clash Royale Trade Tokens

A new feature called ” Clash Royale Trade Tokens ” will be introduced. You will be able to earn these Trade Tokens from Challenges, Clan War Battles or buy them in the Shop.


There are Common, Rare, Epic and even Legendary Trade Tokens, which let you send a request to your clan that you would like to trade card XY for card XX.

1. Under the card button there is new tab called Trade : Clash Royale Trade Tokens

Clash Royale Trade Tokens

Clash Royale Trade Tokens: Trade Tab

Clash Royale Trade Tokens

Clash Royale Trade Tokens : Confirm Trade

These tokens can be stacked up to 5 per each rarity and don’t expire. You can also cancel a trade if you’ve accidentally chosen the wrong card or decided to save your token.

Clash Royale Trade Tokens

According to CWAs video  ( Check Out out Video Below ) you will only be able to win tokens from “Special Event Challenges” for now, but Supercell thinks about adding them to regular Challenges (Grand and Classic Challenges) in the future.

This is the amount of cards which will be traded per each rarity: Clash Royale Trade Tokens

  1. 1 Legendary
  2. 10 Epics
  3. 50 Rares
  4. 250 Commons

Additionally you will receive Gold for each trade (e.G. 5.000 Gold for 10 Epic Cards, just like you would get if you would donate the cards)

EDIT: You will only receive Gold if the card you receive in the trade is already maxed out! Thanks to CWA for pointing this out!

In his video CWA also mentioned that there is a cooldown of only 15 minutes per trade, which means you can theoretically trade the whole day as long as you have cards to spare! You do not need a Trade Token if you are the one accepting a trade!

Jo Jonas (German Youtuber) on the other hand said there is a cooldown of 1 day after a trade. So either one of them got something mixed up, or there might be different cooldowns depending on the rarity of your completed trade.

Also you will be able to request a card in your trade which you have not unlocked yet! This means there is a new way in order to unlock new cards besides pulling them out of a chest / unlocking them in a Special Challenge. You need to be in the same Arena (or higher) as the desired card which you want to unlock though.

Trade Tokens: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Just wanted to take a second to share answers to the two most common questions I’ve seen regarding Trade Tokens. I also wanted to clarify an error on my part (from my sneak peek video).

  1. You are able to request for cards you have not unlocked yet. Providing you have cards to trade in return of the same rarity and you are in a high enough arena to unlock them. You are not able to trade your last Legendary card. In other words, if you unlock a Bandit, you can’t trade your very fist card, but instead have to wait until you get an additional card first (2/2).
  2. If you have a card maxed, you’ll be able to hold exactly enough cards to trade (beyond lvl 13). You will be able to carry an excess of 1 Legendary cards, 10 Epic cards, 50 Rare cares, and 250 common cards.

CWA correction: In his video earlier today he pointed out that gold was rewarded after he traded a card. In hindsight, that was only the case because my card was already maxed out. If you receive a card that you already have maxed out you will be awarded gold.

Hope that helps clear up a little confusion! Clash Royale September Update 2018 is right around the corner!