Pubg mobile beginner guide 2020

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Top pubg mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners If you’d like to become better at playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you should read through all of the PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

These tips aren’t going to win you games , if you use them all when you are able to apply these tips your chances of winning or placing higher become far higher.

Top pubg mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners

What are the best PUBG Tips and Tricks?

  • Combat tips
  • Movement tips
  • Player awareness and extra tips



Pubg mobie GUNS

We will be splitting this guide into three different sections. This includes combat tips, movement tips, and player awareness and any other extra tips.

pubg mobile Tips and Tricks

You should read through each of the sections to learn more about how to play PUBG more efficiently, but if you’d like to, you can skip to each section to learn about different aspects of PUBG gameplay selectively.

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How about the top combat tips?

  • Find a weapon you like and stick to it
  • Know when to peek and when not to
  • Work with your teammates
  • Move closer if necessary
PUBG Mobile Weapon

First, let’s start with picking out a weapon in PUBG. Many people will swear by a certain weapon, but the truth is, you should try to pick a weapon that you are comfortable to use.

Typically, though, you should always use an assault rifle. The assault rifles are the most versatile weapons because they are accurate at longer ranges and can still do a lot of damage per second at closer ranges when on full auto.

If you would like to know which assault rifle to use, consider the M4, QZ, or Scar for more reliable long ranged weapons. Pick the AN94 or the Monster if you’d like a weapon that’s more suited for quick bursts of damage up close.

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The AK-47 is a strong weapon for tapping slowly at longer distances, but you should also consider using a DMR like an SKS or an MK14 for the same purpose.

Typically, the best combo would be an assault rifle with a close to mid range scope on, and then a DMR or sniper for longer ranges with a longer range scope on. SMGs can be good, but only in close quarter scenarios.

Since you are constantly on the move, it’s much better to have longer ranged weapons like ARs because you are more likely to be caught out in the open than you are in a building or a short distance area.

The next tip is to know when to peek and when not to. If you want to engage in a fight, you have to show your body or at least your head to be able to shoot your opponent.

The best thing to do is only peek when you are in full or high health. If you get shot whilst shooting another player, it can be tempting to re-peek, but doing this puts you at risk. You should instead heal up and then prepare for a better peek to take down your opponent.

Another thing to consider is working with your teammates – if you hurt a player and get shot too, ask your friend to peek for you. Alternatively, try to peek at the same time to take any enemies by surprise.

pubg mobile Tips and Tricks If you can’t get a player down because they keep hiding behind cover every time they take a little damage, you will need to move closer. Move from cover to cover as you close the distance and attempt to flank them.

If you have a teammate, you can use them to create covering fire – with this, you can move safely whilst the teammate shoots where the opponent is hiding, forcing them to stay behind cover.


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What are the greatest movement tips?

  • Move around the edges of the circles
  • You can keep jumping as you touch the ground to keep momentum and look around
  • Don’t stay in the same place too long
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Learning how to move efficiently in PUBG can be challenging because it’s hard to understand what it even means to have good movement skills.

In simple terms, it basically means that you need to always consider how your movement will look in the eyes of the enemy. You must be smart about how you move from place to place to surprise enemies or stay out of their line of sight.

One great example of this is to stick to the edges of a play area as it starts to shrink. If you run straight through the middle, you’ll need to look in all directions and you’ll be right in the middle of the action.

By sticking to the edges of a play area, you only need to look ahead and behind you. Once the play area has stopped moving, you won’t need to worry about looking behind you.

Finally, never stay in the same place for too long. Doing this can be very dangerous, especially if you have been in a fight.

Making noise will attract other players to your location, so if you keep shooting and staying in the same spot, players will come to try and kill you. This might not be such a problem if you’re set up in a building with good defenses, but it’s not great if you’re out in the open, hiding behind rocks or trees.

How about the most excellent Player Awareness tips?

  • Listen to gunshots
  • Pay attention to the plane path
  • Make note of remaining players

Player awareness is all about being more aware of where players may be. There are a number of tips you can use to be more aware of your surroundings.

First, just make sure to listen out for gunshots and vehicles. Using sound can help you to work out where players are and where fights are happening.

If you don’t hear shots in an area, that doesn’t mean people aren’t there, but you can still use the sound of other players to help you understand where players are.

Another good tip is to pay attention to the plane path – this can tell you a good bit about where players will be dropping. Usually, most players will drop near the plane. If you travel further from the plane path, just keep in mind that it’ll be more dangerous the closer you get to the plane path.

Finally, when it gets to the later stages in the game, you can start to map the location of players as you hear them shooting.

For example, if there are eight players left and you are playing solo, you know that you are one, leaving seven. If you hear two types of weapons firing off to the left, you now know where two of the remaining seven players are.

The key in the end stage in PUBG is to listen, learn where players are, wait for the fights to take place around you, then swoop in when players just finished a fight. They will be healing up so they will be the most vulnerable.

As soon as you kill a player in the end stage, it’s crucial to move or to find a safe space to sit behind cover because other players will be looking to take you out once they learn of your location.


Well, that brings us to the end of our article on the best PUBG Tips and Tricks. These small tips will help you to win more games without a doubt.

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