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Don’t Waste A Single Coin on common cards

common cards It raises a question of which cards you should level up first recently. Today I will give you a list of the top 5 amazing common cards in Clash Royale for current meta that need to be upgraded ASAP, as well as the cards order of upgrade. common cards

Common cards are the most popular in Clash Royale, and easiest to obtain and upgrade throughout the game, as every single chest contain this kind of card. However, it is recommended that you should only invest in your most used cards as gold gained in Clash Royale is pretty limited. Read the Top 5 Beginner Mistakes guide for more information. common cards



Top 5 common cards


1 Barbarians

These 4 soldiers coming from Arena 3 is considered to be one of the best defensive troops in Clash Royale. With precise placement and timing, they can defend against anything but air units. Giant, Royal Giant, Giant Skeletons, Sparky, P.E.K.K.A, Prince… all of them cân be taken care of by Barbarians! common cards

Furthermore, Barbarians can be utilized to make a counter-attack after successful defense. They can serve as mini tanks for our DPS units, or support troops for our tank. Barbarians have decent HP that can help them to survive longer, while their damage is good enough to deal with anything.common cards

The only drawback of this card is Air units. Minions, Minion Horde are disaster to Barbarians, and they cannot do anything against the Balloon or the Legendary Lava Hound. common cards

2.Fire Spirits

Are Fire Spirits worth upgrading? My answer would be definitely yes!

This used to be an underrated card until recently. Their splash damage make it effective against horde troops, especially Barbarians and Minion Horde. 2 elixir Fire Spirits for 5 elixir Barbarians/Minion Horde results in 3 elixir in profit with the same benefits! Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeleton Army, Minions and Goblin Barrel are also prey for this unit-on-fire. See more Fire Spirits Decks Here. common cards


To be honest, Zap spell, being unlocked from Arena 5, is so good and versatile that I always wonder why it is a common card while The Log is a Legendary xD. Zap is an AoE spell with small radius of effect which is 2.5 tiles, yet still very useful as it hits both ground and aerial units. Against annoying troops like Minion Horde, a single Zap can weaken those creatures and allow the Tower to 1 hit each Minion. Zap is also able to kill Goblins/Spear Gobs instantly, provided that they have equivalent levels in comparison. Every kind of Skeleton card is also a prey for Zap. common cards

In addition, after the February patch, Zap had the 1-second-stun effect added which can help you to deal with almost every situation in the battle. The paralyzing effect has numerous purposes, it not only briefly stops troops movement and powerful attack (e.g. Mini P.E.K.K.A, Barbarians), but also reset their targets! To be specific, after being zapped, troops will change their targets to the closest one. This is extremely incredible as it will save you from losing too much HP on Tower and play mind trick against opponent. Furthermore, Zap will reset Inferno Tower and Sparky charges as well, considered as high-level gameplay. common cards

It is crucial to level up this card, as an under-level Zap spell cannot one-shot Gobs or Spear Gobs, which can turn the table and make huge difference. Imagine you send out Hog to do a small push, and your opponent drops Goblins to take him out. If Zap has equivalent level to Gobs, you can 1-tap and wipe them out easily, and Hog can directly rush into tower to deal crazy damage without struggling. However, it would be a disaster if your Zap is underleveled, and Goblins can kill the Hog in seconds. Just 1 level can make an insane difference! common cards

Zap is so practical that almost every pro player uses it during their tournament. Statistics from ladder and tournament show that Zap is the most used card in Clash Royale currently. common cards


4. Royal Giant

A cancer in current meta. A single Royal Giant can deal massive damage alone to Tower if opponent does not have appropriate counter. This is a common card, thus it is really easy to level him up. It is commonly recommended that Royal Giant should be leveled up whenever possible, since his stat is quite decent even at low level, and will accumulate every time we upgrade this card. A lvl 10 RG has 2796 HP in comparison with its 1200 HP in lvl 1! common cards

After the May patch, Royal Giant became one of the most annoying troop due to his increased range. Now he can out range every defensive building except Mortar and X-bow which are not very popular now. In addition, he only targets buildings like his brother Giant. With proper support from troops behind, RG is a real threat to everyone with his long range, durability and buildings target only. common cards

5. Minions

Minion Horde used to be a must for every deck that they are far more superior than it is now. Zap spell does not have stun effect, there is no Legendary such as Princess or Ice Wizard, However, they are now very vulnerable against Zap and Arrows, so people tend to use its smaller version to lessen the risk of losing the 5 elixir Horde to the 2 elixir Zap. common cards

Also, the flying attribute make them invulnerable against strong ground units such as Prince, keeping them one of the best defensive troops in terms of damage and elixir cost. Keep in mind that those Minions can deal nearly twice as much damage as Archers! See more Minions Vs Minion Horde to choose a right one. common cards common cards


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