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BH6 Base 2019 Hi Guys I am here with Builder Hall 6 Base 2019 and today i am going to show you some Builder Hall 6 Base Designs and we update this page every third day According to Current Most useage Base and These BH6 Base Designs are very good for defence So not much else to say about these base also take a look at this 12 Wins Clash Royale Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Guide
Bulder Hall Base Design is very important in Versus Battles because half of your success come from defense and It Does not matter how good you are at attacking Check Out here 12 Wins Clash Royale Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Guide
if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges where the loot is good So come and take a look at these Builder Hall 6 Base Guide also take a look at this Clash Royale Top Meta Decks

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 1

This is a very famous Builder hall 6 base This base is used by Top 200 Players This is a anti 1 star base because ypur opponent troops can not reach at builder hall.This base will give you a lot of victories when you get solid 2-Star.

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 2


Most of the tome your opponent will try to use his Baby Dragon attacks against this base but the Firecrackers are almost impossible to destroy without using most of the Baby Dragons and there’s no way to send in the Battle Machine on a suicide attack for it due to the Crusher.

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 3

I know This base is not only looking cool But This is very effective against Giant Archers or Baby dragon as well. Most of the Attackers will always try to break the walls fast to go for the Builder Hall and then get their surprise when their Giants will get striked down fast and the support troops are starting to walk around the base.

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 4

If you are Looking for an Anti raps base that will confuse your opponents? This one works really well because Every sides has well placed traps and Crusher is covered by spring
Builder Hall 6 Base No. 5

One of the best decks I thinks around 2800+ trophies becayse , you’ll see that it’s working great against air attacks due to the structure of the air defenses and the compartments will work great against ground based attacks and every defence is cover by walls

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 6

This layout will defend great agianst ground troops due to the two compartements os walls that will slow down Giants and Barbarians and Battle Machine a lot. The spread out air defenses will work great as well and I can honestly say that this might be one of the best defensive layouts for Builder Hall 6.
Builder Hall 6 Base No. 6

This is a dimond base so not too much about this base because This is one of the top players real base and it works at 4,000+ Trophies. Especially Baby Dragon setups will fail this one, but you will need to upgrade your defenses to a decent level for this to work
Builder Hall 6 Base No. 7

Another Dimond Base

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 8

Here’s my current Builder Base Level 6 layout and it’s working great so far. I’ve been pushing to 3400 Trophies and lost only 2 of the last 20 Versus Battles and just Make sure you have each defense covered by at least 1 outside building, and your Archer Tower has to be at Long Range mode as well!

Builder Hall 6 Base No. 9

In this base layout, the Builder Hall is offset, but not defenseless. The Guard Post and the Multi Mortar is beside builder hall are providing good protection because it is covered by Walls. The attacker won’t be able to destroy the Builder base

Builder Hall 6 Base
Builder Hall 6 Base No. 10

Again Dimond baseit’s very hard (nearly impossible) for the attacker to go through the layers filled with defenses while being under full fire almost all the time.

Apart from Base in Versus Battles Defending is a very important part and If you having a solid base can help just like all base above you can see then you can get a lot of victories,
even if you mess up an attack and get a low result. These bases here are all proven to get good results up to 2800+ Trophies and

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I used all of them myself for at least 10 Versus Battles to see how they perform very well around 3200 trophies so guys thats it for today i will update this page soon when i get more Builder Hall 6 Base