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Hi Guys today I am going to tell you some tips about How to Improve Aim Pubg Mobile these Pubg Mobile Aiming Tips are share by some Pubg Mobile Pro Players and If you want to Win Pubg mobile every time then your aiming must be very accurate because it is very important to aim the enemy before he aim on you and shoot first so come and take a look at this guide

Improve Aim Pubg Mobile

How to Improve Aim in Pubg Mobile

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Best Pubg Mobile Aiming Tips | How to Improve Aim in Pubg Mobile

Screen rule: i believe that if someone is visible to me on the screen then I can kill him no matter the distance! Even if i have just a red dot. Actually yes you can lot of people have spammed me when they saw that i just had a red dot or 2x, they thought i was a hacker, scope does not aid in giving your bullets speed it just makes you zoom in. Here is a tip try shooting impossible looking targets in training when you get the hang of that you will know what i meant.



Drop: Know that how much a bullet drops when being shot it comes by practice.


Peek& Fire: I think this thing is the real game changer, we all know that we get recoil while shooting . Using peek and fire significantly reduces this due to geometrical restraint. Give it a try!


2nd fire button: you can see 2 fire buttons on screen know how to use them! Use the left one while sniping or shooting while you are still and the right when you very close to the target and moving. This helps


Pull down: most of the guns give a Vertical recoil in upward direction try pulling your screen down from right side and shooting from left this would decrease the recoil.


Senstivity: don’t increase senstivity in the game settings, you can lower it. With high senstivity with a slight touch the cross may be pointing in another direction you will not be able to aim to the point with this! Decreases head shot chances


Use the recoil: you can actually use the recoil to your advantage, as we know guns give a Vertical recoil in the upward direction try aiming at the chest after one or 2 continuous shots the bullets would reach the head due to recoil! Boom headshot!


Never bring bow and arrow to a gun fight: use the extended mag to increase your Bullet capacity. And while shooting far away try using a sniper not an Assault rifel. If you wish to then use it with single shot.


Moving Target far away: if you are trying to shoot someone who is very far away and is running try shooting in front of him not directly at him because the the bullet takes time to travel. Pubg is a game that follows physics. If they are running linearly that would be an easy target but if they are smart and running randomly in any direction then you gotta deduce.

Best Guns With Less Recoil

For mid range shot and close combat the best guns with less recoil are
  1. Scar-L– This gun is also like M416 
  2. M416– This is best gun with less recoil and more damage.
  3. AKM – This gun with high recoil and high damage.

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