Matchmaking System

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According to SuperCell-The matchmaking system is solely based on your total trophies. From the official statement –The matchmaking system will match you against opponents at a similar trophy level as yours. The levels of the cards each player has are not taken into account in the matchmaking
The difference in the amount of trophies possessed by you and your opponent may be considerably large at times, but remember that you will get more trophies if you defeat a player who has more trophies than you. 
Clas Royale Matchmaking System It might just be anecdotal, but I am positive that there is an algorithm in matchmaking so that players are encouraged to buy some gems to get back to their high trophy count.
Pushing trophies is the main concern for the Clash Royale players. Like getting better decks, better cards there are another important thing you should know about. Just like the dealing with Lose Streak, Theres an effective way to push trophies in Clash Royale. In this article, I’ll explain you how you can push your trophies effectively.
 Matchmaking System

Clas Royale Matchmaking System

Clas Royale Matchmaking System The mechanism here is almost same. When you win 3 or 4 battles in a row at a time, you are generally get matched with tougher or stronger opponents with the cards that are generally can easily counter yours. Even though you win the game, on next game you will be matched with another tough opponent than you. The fact behind this is, when you win couple of games in a row in a single session of playing, the game meta shifts and because of that you get matched with those stronger opponents.
The only way not to make this happen is to play the game in a regular interval. For example, If you want to play a total of 20 games, then play the game in 3 or 4 sessions. If you play 20 games at a time then there are more chances that you’ll lose more games than if you had played in 3 or 4 sessions. This total concept might sound awkward to you, but I’ve realized this. Not only me, I’ve asked my clan mates to confirm this and gladly they agreed with me that playing the game in a regular interval helped them to push trophies much better. I’ve even asked few friends on other clans, some of them agreed and some didnt. Well, if you want you can try it yourself. I’m quite sure, you’ll getting better pushing after using this simple tactics.
Clas Royale Matchmaking System While this experience is quite seamless, many express their dismay of Clash Royale’s matchmaking issues. To many, basing the matchmaking by trophy levels might be a problem to players as it may seem not fair to others. Some think it’s a glitch or the matchmaking system is broken. We can confirm that it’s really not rigged. It’s just the way it is for now. Clas Royale Matchmaking System 
Note: Clas Royale Matchmaking System If you can just get 2 accounts with same trophies and same deck (with same card level) in the same arena. Try to play on one account, after few matches if you get one a losing streak, switch to the other account. You’ll notice how your opponents will feel much easier to fight against for the first few matches even though you’re on a much higher trophy level now in this account. Clas Royale Matchmaking System

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