Th11 Upgrade Priority 2019

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Hi Guys Th11 Upgrade Priority 2019 DragonBard_Z here and Today I will show you Th11 Upgrade Priority 2019. We have a lot of people asking for guides.This is the second in this series. If interested, please check out the guide for townhall 12! There will be additional guides for th10 and th9 coming up. If you disagree or have anything to add, please leave it in the comments section!

Th11 Upgrade Priority 2019

Clash of Clans Th11 Upgrade Guide 2019

 When to upgrade

This guide assumes you care about having an account that’s usable for war at a decent level.

If you are playing more casually or just really want a warden, then by all means do as you like and choose your own adventure! But in that case you probably just want to skip most of this and only read the bits about the warden and eagle.


So back to assuming you like to war: ideally you had good/near max heroes, most of your th10 defense maxxed and most of your lab work done as well?

A good standard before upgrading if you’re not completely maxxed is a minimum of 70 combined king and queen (e.g. 35/35 or 30/40). You may want to finish your combined royals to 80 before adding an Eagle. You should get the warden to level 5 ASAP Eagle or not.

Though of course, maxing out 10 to40/40 before upgrading to 11 is, of course, great to do also and gives you time to really master th10 since 11 will build on that.

What to upgrade first

Like all townhall levels, you’ll mostly want to focus on offense first!

These should be your priorities:

Top 3:

1. Grand Warden:

  • Why: NEW HERO! Any new hero is a huge boost to your army strength. He is also a good defense.
    Upgrade Strategy: like all heros, you will want to unlock his ability as soon as you can. This occurs at level 5. After that, you will want to continue to upgrade him as often as possible until he is max (level 20) for th11. Additional info: to fully upgrade him, you will need to upgrade your elixir storages. His initial purchase price is 6 million though. You should be able to purchase him immediately upon turning townhall 11 if you saved up loot properly or buy a pack.
  • How to use: See the information about the warden at the bottom part of this guide.

2. Laboratory:

  • Why: obtaining higher level troops. Unfortunately just finishing the building won’t give you a big boost by itself, but what it will do is let you start upgrading your troops to th11 levels which is pretty darn important! Ideally you maxxed or nearly maxxed your lab at th10. Getting this done early means you can keep it going throughout townhall 11. Which is great – there’s a lot of upgrades available and lab upgrades never take a builder.
  • Pro-tip: have an upgrade going in the lab when you start the upgrade as it’ll keep counting down while the building upgrades. You may need to reload your game the first time after your lab finishes to see it as there is a glitch that makes it appear the lab paused.

3. Clan Castle

  • Why: An extra spell slot! That extra spell slot is a big deal! You will be able to request two dark spells (or freezes) or one elixir spell (except clone).
  • Downside: need to upgrade storages. As this upgrade costs 10 million you will need to upgrade your gold storages first (unless you purchases a pack that allows you to temporarily exceed storage limits). That actually makes this tough to put in the top 3 as you cannot do it immediately without the pack but as the camps should not be a priority over #1 and 2, this gives you something else to work toward that seriously makes a huge difference.
  • Additional Info: Unlike the lab, you can fully. use your cc while upgrading it! The only thing to be wary of is that you cannot see the indicator which tells you if it’s full or empty so you’ll need to pay attention on your readiness screen.

Also Priorities:

  • Camps: This is how you get 260 army! It’s that much more flexibility to dominate over what you had in th10. I debated putting this in the top 3 but honestly, held off because it is another elixir upgrade, and you absolutely should not start camps at the expense of either the warden or the lab until you have enough elixir. Farm enough to get these in when you can.
  • Gold and Elixir storages: (at least some of them/getting them started) I hate making these a priority, but doing at least a few of them really is. Some of the other things you’ll want early on include your upgraded cc and troop upgrades in the lab. You cannot upgrade your cc until you can hold 10 million – all 4 gold storages unless you buy packs. Upgrade Strategy: Plan your upgrades ahead of time to see when you need specific storages done by. Start your storages so that you will have enough of them finished to get your other priorities started as soon as you can.

Other (Builder) Upgrades:

  • DE Upgrades: at th11 you can go up to 50/50 on (king and queen) hero levels and it’s highly recommended you do so. It’s never a wrong choice to prioritize hero upgrades. You may sometimes choose to do a lab upgrade instead or keep a hero up for war, but getting to max heroes as soon as you can will only make life easier!
    • In general, your queen is the stronger unit and has the biggest role (particularly as it enables queenwalks and the like). It’s recommended you try have her for war as much as possible, so if you can plan to have her for mandatory weekend wars, please do.
    • The king is also highly useful but is less of an upgrade priority. While it’s still good to have him for wars, you can replace him if needed with a pekka or plan attacks that don’t require his presence if you find yourself in weekend war without him.
    • Individual level upgrades don’t add much. Levels of 5 are far more important as those include ability increases. It’s therefore recommended you concentrate on upgrading heroes in groups of five instead of keeping them even. (Example: 40 king/45 queen is stronger than 42 king/43 queen). For reasons of builders, breakpoints on one shot kills, you may sometimes deviate, but in general: levels of 5 are best.
    • Whether you swap off every 5 levels or just take the queen straight up first, going to 45/45 vs 40/50 first or similar is your choice.
    • The warden does not take dark elixir so his upgrades should be considered to be not in conflict with the other two heros (unless you’re choosing where to use a book or a builder). Do not neglect the warden. The buff to troop hp (passive aura) and ability duration are both huge.
  • Elixir upgrades:
    • See above for warden and lab and camps. Those are your first priorities. You will want to get warden to level 20 as soon as you are able!
    • Regular barracks. Get some electro dragons! They’re great troops and you and might as well get the barracks upgrades out of the way. They suck and always will. Remember that while barracks are upgrading, your army trains slower.
  • Gold Upgrades
    • See above on clan castle.
    • Weight concerns? In general, you want to keep your offensive level at or above your defensive level. You should be able to 3 star your own base. So, in general, keeping your weight close to th10 should be the goal until you have 40/40/5 heroes or greater, cc done, and ideally some th11 level war troops.
      • If you want to keep your weight lower: upgrade walls first. Or add the new wizard tower, archer tower and cannon but don’t yet add the bows and infernos.
      • As for other defenses, it’s kind of up to you. Upgrading your new traps are a good option, always. Wizard towers and infernos are good against most common attacks but do increase war weight more than many defenses, so weigh this when deciding. Air defenses are good against laloon and healer heavy attacks as well as edragons. Mortars help vs witches/bowlers/hogs but are ground only. Point defenses are useful: in general archer towers > cannons since cannons only attack ground. Both can murder troops or heroes though.
      • Once you’re ready: Eagle Artillery and 4th bow. These will immediately increase your war weight significantly, but it will also greatly increase your defense. If you’re in a heavy clan (other 11s and 12s) there’s no point in taking .5 to the extreme: as soon as you feel ready to attack bases with an eagle (or can at least reliably 3 star th10s often), feel free to add them to yourself.

Lab Upgrades:

Meta changes, so there’s no “right” order to what you upgrade in the lab. But here are some pointers:

  • Try whenever possible to keep the lab going! Having upgraded stuff is important. You should plan to finish or nearly finish the lab before finishing your defenses at th11.
  • If you will war as a new 11, pick a few war armies you want to work toward. Upgrade the troops that are dominant in those first. Unless you are one of the top players in your clan, concentrate on first making sure you buff up your army for clearing 10s, and then develop a second one that works well for attacking 11s or even 2 starring 12s! (This may be hogs, miners, bowlers, witches, edragons, valks/healers etc, etc…check the latest meta and ask your clanmates what works well).
  • Note: if you are not warring constantly or are taking a break while adjusting to your new level, you may choose a few farm troops to do first, instead.
  • Don’t neglect spells forever, but key troops should probably be done first.
  • Once you’ve got at least 2 good war armies, add support troops.
  • Slip a few farm troops in as needed once you get a few good war armies if you haven’t yet. They usually aren’t a priority though: the increase isn’t huge and while you can farm a little better, higher level troops also cost a bit more.
  • Don’t neglect barbs and archers to the very end. They aren’t a top priority, but don’t forget that every time you use your hero ability, you spawn barbs or archers!


The two things you should take some time to understand that are key features of townhall 11 are the Grand Warden and the Eagle Artillery.

There are other things like the electro dragons (large, slow flying units that have a bounce lightning attack) that are new for th11 that you should learn to use. But those will be highly affected by specific attacks and their uses impacted by meta. You should learn about those by watching videos, attacks by others and using them yourself. If you don’t know how to use siege engines effectively, you also need to go back and learn that or wait for the townhall 10 guide that will be out next week.

Grand Warden:

Any new hero is a big deal and the warden is no exception! There is a pretty decent guide out there that’s a bit old but mostly still true. Read that first, then review some of the highlights:

  • The warden has two abilities on offense, both affecting troops within the “aura” circle he generates around him that is visible in game any time he’s in play.
    • The passive ability is “life aura” and it boosts the hitpoints of everything within the aura. This means keeping him with a large mass of troops or with important units can extend their life. This is active any time the warden is alive and is obtained at warden level 1 and increases every level.
    • The active ability is “Eternal Tome” and like other hero abilities, is first obtained at warden level 5 and upgrades every 5 levels. This ability must be triggered during the attack. It causes any troops or heroes (and the warden) in the warden’s aura to be invincible for a period of time determined by the warden’s level and is instantly applied even if the defenses have already targeted, as long as damage has not yet been applied.
      • This ability is the single greatest impact to your offense the warden has to contribute.
      • Learning to use it at the right time, when a large mass of troops are about to take a lot of damage can significantly impact the outcome of your attack.
      • Unlike the queens ability, which makes her untargetable, defenses will still target the units: they just don’t do any damage. Anything that was in the circle at time of activation remains invincible throughout the duration of the ability whether it stays in the circle or not. Note that a downside of defenses being still able to target means that single infernos will not he reset and will continue to ramp up. And upside is that troops will continue to trigger (but be immune to damage from) traps.
  • He has a ranged attack on offense that is lower damage but longer range than the queen’s. This means if put together, he will usually stay behind her (and may steal her healers…). He targets whatever the largest mass near him is targeting rather than choosing his own targets unless he is alone.
  • He will follow the largest mass of nearby troops. This determines his pathing.
  • The warden has two settings on offense: ground or air. The setting does not affect his abilities or his attacks. As he jumps over walls without a spell, the setting also does not impact his ability to move around. What it does impact is what he is vulnerable to (air or ground targeting traps and defenses). As he has relatively low hitpoints (a single black air mine usually kills him), you should set him to mimic whatever he is being paired with. (ex: if putting him with the other heroes, set him to ground. If he is with a mass of ground troops, set him to ground. If he is with a max of air troops, set him to air.)
    • The one other consideration: Healers heal only ground units and will ignore an air set warden.
    • The setting does not impact defense at all.
  • On defense he is a statue with a long range bolt attack. You can think of him as a high damage tesla that’s always visible when determining where to put him in your base.

Eagle Artillery:

The Eagle Artillery is the signature defense of th11. It is high weight and a unique defense that can be particularly damaging, particularly if left up toward the end of the attack as it will continue to target any troops left alive.

  • Its range is the entire map except a small circle right near the artilery.
  • It does not activate immediately. It activates based on how many troops have been deployed. At 150 troop space, it’s eyes will light up and it will appear to “cough”. At 180 space it will begin to fire. If planning your attack, you can count troop space to control when it triggers. Heroes count for 25, spells count for 5 per spell slot occupied (i.e. haste is 5, rage is 10, clone is 15), and troops count for their housing space. The cc also counts toward the total once deployed (it does not count while in the seige machine until the seige machine bursts open).
  • Before each attack the eagle will pulse and charge up then release three beams per attack. Watch replays to learn the behavior. The ideal time to use a freeze spell or warden ability if trying to negate the eagle is after the first pulse of the sequence before it fires the first beam.
  • It targets the largest mass of troops on the map.
  • It is often best to make the eagle centralized and difficult to get with a kill squad as if it can be taken out with less than 180 troop space deployed, it will never activate.

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