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TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019 Hey TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019 guys, it’s MrFaceTech  and Today I will show you TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019 What  Kind of Building and troops You should upgrade First 

This TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019 guide will be designed for someone who’s intending to War at a decent level. You should make the transition from Townhall 7 to 8 once you’ve maxed out your offensive troops that you use. Hogs, Dragons & Healers are probably the most important upgrades at Townhall 7 as we’ll be using them a lot at Townhall 8! Maxing is also good & will make you very strong both offensively & defensively against other TH7s as well as giving you an easier start to TH8.

Not someone who likes to war? That’s fine. Upgrade when you’re ready. Townhall 8 offers extra CC space as well as some exciting new troops! Choose your own adventure. With the less recent upgrade time reduce, Townhall 8 can be maxed out in a significantly shorter time.


What to Upgrade/Build first TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019

Every Townhall has it’s priorities. Townhall 8 doesn’t come with a new Spell Factory/Army Camp Level, so the Upgrade Priority will be slightly different to previous Townhalls. The best place to start is with the following upgrades:

1. Laboratory

  1. Why? New troop levels! By Townhall 8 you should have at least 4 builders (Maybe even 5), so I’m putting four main upgrade priorities on here. The laboratory as with every other Townhall, gives you access to new Upgrades. We’ll cover what to upgrade in the Lab later in this guide, but there’s many great upgrades – My personal favourite being Hog Riders to Level 4!
  2. Pro Tip: If you didn’t max your Lab at Townhall 7, you can start an Upgrade in the Lab before upgrading it and it will continue Research whilst upgrading.

2. Clan Castle

  1. Why? +1 Spell Capacity – As well as +5 Troop Space – meaning you can now house a fancy new P.E.K.K.A! Dark Spells are all 1 housing space, so you can store ones you can’t even access in your new Dark Spell Factory! Poison Spells are useful in almost all scenarios – They damage & slow down CC troops or Skeletons. We’ll touch base on Dark Spells later in this guide.
  2. Pro: You still have access to Clan Castle troops fully whilst it’s upgrading, so that’s another great benefit!

3. Dark Spell Factory

  1. Why? New Spells! As well as new Spells, you gain +1 Spell Capacity – to store these fancy new Dark Spells. And what’s even better is that you can still use your regular Elixir Spells whilst your Dark Spell Factory is Building/Upgrading. After construction is complete, you will gain access to the Poison Spell – Mainly Used to help kill enemy Clan Castle troops. Upgrading the Dark Spell Factory will give you access to the Earthquake Spell – Used to deal damage to buildings.
  2. Con: When upgrading the Dark Spell Factory, you won’t have access to other Dark Spells.

4. Dark Barracks

  1. Why? Two New Dark Troops! Townhall 8 not only gives you access to a new Dark Barrack (reducing training time of Dark Troops), but also allows you to upgrade you’re current one TWICE! Yep, that’s right – you can now gain access to Valkyrie & Golems. Placing & Upgrading the New/Current Dark Barracks is a High Priority Upgrade. Two Level 4 Dark Barracks should be one of the highest priorities at Townhall 8 as it allow you to unlock the new troops – which are perfect especially if you want to war.

TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019 Also Important:

  1. Barbarian King: I left this out of the main priorities because you’ll have plenty of time to Upgrade the King at Townhall 8 as it only gains an additional 5 levels. You’ll probably end up heading to Townhall 8 with max Dark Elixir Storage meaning you’ll only need 2 500 Dark Elixir to Upgrade the King to 6. Info: When upgrading the Townhall, it allows you to store an additional 2 500 Dark Elixir without upgrading your storage.
  2. Dark Elixir Storage: You get two Dark Elixir Storage Upgrades at Townhall 8, and you need to do them to Upgrade the King (after Level 6) as well as all Hogs, Valkyries & Golems.
  3. New Gold/Elixir Storage: Finally, for the first time since Townhall 3 we are finally getting a new Gold & Elixir Storage! This can be upgraded to the same level as the other storages.

2nd Dark Elixir Drill – This is a great Upgrade to do – allowing you to collect more Dark Elixir every-day! This will also help you max your Barbarian King faster so it’s a good idea to get it upgraded as a priority.

TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019v Other Builder Upgrades:

  1. Gold Upgrades:
    1. See above on clan castle
    2. Are you a War-Weight frantic? Townhall 8 defences don’t hugely increase weight (Minus Bomb Tower).
      1. Before touching defences, it’s advised you upgrade Traps (inc. Teslas). These are low-weight but essential parts of a base.
      2. Work on maxing walls. If a builder is free, you can pour Gold into walls.
      3. As for other defences, Air Defences are super handy and can make a big difference to the defence of your base. Not upgrading Air Defences means you have a risk of being 3-starred by Townhall 7s.
      4. Once you’ve done your traps, Teslas & most point defences, you can start placing/upgrading the Bomb Tower.
      5. General Rule of Upgrading Defences is to think to yourself “Could I 3 Star my own Base?” If the answer is no, don’t upgrade any more defences.
      6. Walls – Nothing else to say. They’re long & expensive so best to get a head start on them!
  2. Elixir Upgrades:
    1. See above on Dark Barracks, Laboratory.
    2. Dark Spell Factory (Upgrade) – Once you’ve placed your new Dark Spell Factory, you can upgrade it very soon after – allowing you to access the Earthquake Spell which has many uses.
    3. Regular Barracks – Townhall 8 gives you access to the P.E.K.K.A – A new troop! Amazing, right? Not for some. The P.E.K.K.A can be useful, but isn’t very useful compared to the new Dark Troops you got. By all means unlock them, but you may find yourself not using them a lot.
      1. Disclosure – At TH8 you will realise your defences will be done before you lab is even near done. This is why it is essential to keep the lab & Elixir upgrades constantly going. Don’t be tempted to go to TH9 prematurely – this will mean your lab will have even more to do! Rushing Townhall 8 just makes TH9 even harder to do, so I advise you don’t do it. *** # Lab Upgrades

There is no “right” upgrade order for the lab as meta is always changing & it’s all about personal preference, but this guide will give you some pointers in what to Upgrade & When.

  1. Something VERY important – Try to ALWAYS keep your Lab going. If you Lab is switched off, you are wasting time. If you don’t have the resources, farm.
  2. As a new Townhall 8, the priority should be Hog Riders. These beauties are an awesome troop in war. They make up two of the best Townhall 8 war comps – GoHoBo & GoVaHo. We can talk more about what these mean later.
  3. Dragons are also a great upgrade. They are still very viable to use in war and later on when you have barely any Elixir upgrades left, you can use DragLoon for farming.
  4. Spells are also very significant at Townhall 8, compared to previous Townhalls. You need Heal Spells for Hogs, Lightning for ZapQuake (A Dragon Army) and Rage Spells for just about anything!
  5. Barbarians and Archers are not a “priority”, but are very useful for the Farming Comp “Barch”.
  6. Focus on getting troop Upgrades for two solid war armies, so you have a small variaty of war comps you can use. Using the exact same army every single war will get boring. *** # HOW TO USE SOME OF YOUR FANCY NEW TROOPS & SPELLS

Okay, so presuming you’ve upgraded all of your new troops; Hogs, Valkyries, Golems & P.E.K.K.A’s are now available. Great! But how do you use them? That’s what I’m going to explain.


These are arguably the best troop of Townhall 8. They are a great troop in war and can be used in many interesting Townhall 8 armies. There are some things you need to know:

  1. Hogs target Defences. This means that if a Barbarian King or Skeletons start attacking them, they will ignore them until every defence in the base is down. This makes them very vulnerable to the Skeletons from the New Skeleton Trap you receive at Townhall 8.
  2. Hog Riders can jump over walls. Wait.. what? Yeah, that’s right. Walls are not an issue for Hog Riders. This allows them to get through a base really quickly – which makes them the great troop that they are.
  3. They are very vulnerable to Giant Bombs & Double Giant Bombs (DGBs). Lots of Anti-Hog bases will have Double Giant Bombs. This is because, even with a heal spell on it, the DGB can instantly kill Level 4 (TH max) Hog Riders. This is why it’s key to scout out a base before attacking. If a base is very open and has lots of potential spots for DGBs, then Hog Riders may not be the best approach.
  4. More on Hog Riders here.


  1. Valkyries (known as Valks) are a spinning troop. This means they can deal damage to multiple buildings at once. They also have quite a high HP.
  2. Valks + Rage = OP. Valkyries under a rage spell literally shred through a base. In fact, a group of Valks under a Rage Spell can take out a Townhall in one spin. Insane, right?
  3. More on Valkyries here.


  1. Unlike Valkyries & Hog Riders, Golems deal little to no damage. Sounds bad, right? Well that’s where you’re wrong. Golems have very high health – making them a great tanking troop.
  2. When a Golem is destroyed, two smaller looking Golems called “Golemites” are spawned. They have less HP than a Golem, but help keep your tanking going just a little longer.
  3. More on Golems here.

P.E.K.K.A: (Credit to /u/iChaXy for some advice on this section)

  1. Ah, the P.E.K.K.A. The P.E.K.K.A is a High HP & High damage troop. The P.E.K.K.A (like every other troop we’ve spoke about in this guide) can only attack other Ground Troops.
  2. P.E.K.K.A’s are great for cleaning the outskirts of a base if you want to use them for hog tanking – This can save you a heal spell to deploy somewhere else in the raid.
  3. More on P.E.K.K.A’s here.


Townhall 8 offers 2 new Dark Spells, as well as 1 Spell Housing Space in the Clan Castle (Giving you access to all 4 Dark Spells). Here, I will sum up the two spells you unlock at Townhall 8 (Poison & Earthquake Spells):


The Poison Spell is useful in almost all scenarios. It can be used to kill Enemy Clan Castle Troops, Heroes & Skeletons. Read more on Poison Spells here.

  1. Pro: Having a Poison Spell in a Hog attack is useful to kill Skeletons attacking your Hogs.


The Earthquake Spell (commonly abbreviated to EQ) deals a percentage of damage to a building. This percent is based on the buildings HP. Upgrading the Earthquake spell increases the amount of Damage it can do to buildings. You can find more about this here.

Daily Trader

Ah, something new. Yes, Townhall 8 also is the point in the game where you gain access to the Daily Trader. The Daily Trader is located on the left side of the clan banner in the home village. The Daily Trader provides access to magic items.

It has two fixed items – Training potion & Resource potion. The third item can range from builder potions to runes of Gold/Elixir. The Daily Trader also works in a cycle – so you can track what you’ll get and when. You can find the Daily Trader cycle here. If you want to read more into the Daily Trader & how it works, you can visit the wiki page here.


At last, this is the final section of my guide. At Townhall 8, 3 of the best war armies are GoHoBo (Golem, Hogs & Bowlers), GoVaHo (Golems, Valkyries & Hogs) & DragLoon (Dragons & Loons). Rather than me trying to explain step by step how to use all of these strategies, I have left some video links to some very in-depth tutorials below:

Another essential part of TH8 (and every other Townhall), is being able to funnel troops. I have left a guide on that here.


Ok, thanks for reading! That’s my  TH 8 Upgrade Guide 2019 Guide to TH8. This is my first guide, so it’s far from perfect. That’s why I need the feedback from the people of this Sub!

Guide Created by /u/MrFaceTech !