Clash Royale Siege X Bow Deck Arena 9 | Ice Wiz X Bow Deck

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Hi Guys Arma_GD here and today i am taking about Unstoppable Siege X Bow Deck That Got me to Arena 9,If you have a couple of the more commonly seen Legendary cards and want a deck to push trophies with,crush people for fun with, and/or use because you like somewhat hybrid Siege strategies, you might consider trying… Read more »

Clash Royale-Best X-Bow Deck after august update

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Best X Bow Deck

Best X-Bow Deck Best X Bow Deck  Hi Guys, are you getting stuck in Arena 6, 7 or even 8 and finding an easy way to get into the next ladder? Today I am going to introduce to you the new very interesting X-Bow control deck.I am pretty sure that you will like it! It… Read more »