TH8 Hog Attack Strategy 2019 | Hog Th8 War Attack 2019

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Hog Th8 War Attack Guide

Hi Guys Hog Th8 War Attack 2019 today i am going to show you Hog Th8 War Attack 2019 | TH8 Hog Attack Strategy 2019 so we all know that  TH8 is a great time to learn how to Mass Hog Attack th8. A mostly-hog army can 3 star nearly any TH8 with minimal army customization needed…. Read more »

How To Collect Dark Elixir Fast TH8 | Dark Elixir Farming Strategies Th8

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How To Collect Dark Elixir Fast

Hi Dark Elixir Farming Strategies Th8, Guys Clashing With Benji here I Will show You Dark Elixir Farming Strategies to gather the needed Dark Elixir for your upgrades. Dark Elixir is a rare resource and it is hard to obtain Dark Elixir is Very Important For Heros,(the Barbarian King ) Once you hit the Town Hall 7 but also all other… Read more »