Clash Royale-Pompeyo’s triple legendary deck Arena 8+

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legendary deck

Legendary deck Arena 8+ Hey guys,ShreddyWap here and I’d like to share with you  guide on this deck (Pompeyo’s triple legendary deck) that helped me reach 4K trophies.I’ve used this deck in both of my best 15K tournament performances, 10th and 15th. I’ve won just over 10K cards from tournaments and I’m quite sad about… Read more »

CLash Royale-Best Miner Mini Pekka Cheap Deck For Arena 6-8

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Hi Guys Today i will show you Best Miner Mini Pekka Cheap Deck ,This mini pekka and miner deck is one of the best alternative for hog rider deck out there that has a very good cycle. This deck is one of the cheapest yet a very effective deck for trophy pushing and as well… Read more »