Clash Royale-4K Throphies Princess Three Musketeer Miner Deck

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Hi to all. I isssma just want to share the Three Musketeer Miner Deck I used to reach 4k trophies. Overall, this is a very fun deck to play, and hope those who plans to use it will have fun too! Three musketeers is by far, my most favorite card of all. When I was new… Read more »

Clash Royale Mega Knight Bait Deck Arena 10+ Mega Bait Deck

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Mega Knight Bait Deck

Hi Mega Knight Bait Deck Guys GasterCR back Today with Mega Knight Bait Deck I will be talking about the Mega Knight Bait Deck I used to get in the top 25 and 12 wins in a classic challenge. This deck is a new and improved Spell Bait with the Mega Knight for defense that follows through a huge counter-push This deck is… Read more »

Clash Royale-An extensive guide on how to use the Princess Guide

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Princess Guide

Hello Guys you might have seen me before, I’m at 4014 trophies, in the clan Silent, and I’m here to explain the synergy of clash royale How To Use Princess Guide, “This stunning Princess shoots flaming arrows from long range. If you’re feeling warm feelings towards her, it’s probably because you’re on fire”   Hit Speed Speed… Read more »

Clash Royale- Hog Zap Bait Deck Push to Legendary Arena

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Hog Princess Deck

Hog Princess Zap Bait Arena 9 Deck  Hi Guys  ExOTiC1234 Here and today i am going to talk about Hog Princess Deck So Before the recent update where poison got over nerfed and the skarmy became an actual good card, I was a mortar user struggling to stay at 3.2k. Once the update hit, I made a… Read more »

Clash Royale-Fun Effective Tri-Legendary Deck Push to Legendary Arena

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princess lumberjack deck

Princess Lumberjack Deck Arena 7+ Hi Guys SamKouteili here I’m a new level 10 that has 4k as my PB and I made it to 3700 as a lvl 9 with tournament standard cards. I love chip decks. My favorite card is the recently acquired Lumberjack, although I find it really weak in comparison to the mini… Read more »

Clash Royale-Princess Miner Deck Arena 6 Push to Legendary Arena

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Princess Miner deck Arena 6+ Hi Guys Today Riddle0219 here and I’m sharing something more personal with you guys – My own Princess Miner deck that got me to 3600 trophies. Before explaining the Princess Miner deck itself I’ll start with a full disclaimer – I’m not the best player in the world and I’m aware some… Read more »

Clash Royale-LumberJack Princess Inferno Dragon deck Arena+

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Princess Inferno Dragon deck Arena+ Hey guys, it’s BochocK again, and today I’m back with yet another awesome LumberJack Princess Inferno Dragon deck Arena+,This plays like any TANK+elixir pump deck, defend/sacrifice units until you have 2 pump active before placing Lava Hound (LH). The exception being if they attack your pumps, then survive until X2… Read more »

Clash Royale-Miner Mortar deck Broke 4K Trophies

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Princess Mortar deck

Princess Mortar deck Broke 4K  Trophies Hi guys Riddle0219 here After 3 days of floating between 3900-3990 I finally managed to hit 4K. This  Princess Mortar deck is essentially a traditional miner tempo-burn deck with a mortar instead of a cannon. I label this deck as a siege-burn deck since it is a mix of siege and burn components, it… Read more »