Clash Royale – Pekka Sparky Deck Arena 8+ | Pekka Sparky Freeze Deck

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Hi guys Pekka Sparky Deck barbarians33 here and Pekka Sparky Deck which is viable and could be meta.My Pekka Sparky Deck contains these 8 cards: Pekka, Witch, Freeze, Sparky, ID, Bomber, Fireball and Ice spirit. All these cards in the battle are supposed to be used defensively not offensively until double elixir. The main reason many… Read more »

Clash Royale Prince Witch Deck Arena 9+ | Pekka Bandit Deck Arena 9

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Prince Witch Deck

Hey Prince Witch Deck guys, EbarbsFTW here, and today, I’m going to share Prince Witch Deck fun, off meta deck Prince Witch Deck. I was just messing around by making a deck that included some of my favourite underrated cards, like the PEKKA, Prince, Witch, and Bandit, and I made one that actually looked pretty good…. Read more »

Clash Royale Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Arena 10 | MK Graveyard Deck

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Meta Knight Graveyard Deck

Hi Guys Mega Knight Graveyard Deck zhou111 here and today i going to show you my Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Which is Doing well on Challenge The Mega Knight Graveyard Deck rely on defending then couterpushing. Sometimes a small skirmish is required to trigger a push from the opponent. Once you are at a elixir advantage… Read more »

Clash Royale-Graveyard Electro Wizard Pekka Deck | Double Pekka Deck

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Hi guys FIGGY0023 here With the executioner raising up a new meta filled with giants, executioner (obviously), miner, and more! However, this new meta has brought upon some off-meta cards into the meta. Cards like knight, mini pekka, and even the pekka have all risen up in use rates across the board. And that’s why I’m gonna share… Read more »

Clash Royale Pekka Flying Machine Deck | Pekka Poison Machine Deck

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Pekka Flying Machine Deck

Hey guys Hyp3rion.akki here with Pekka Flying Machine Deck and today I want to share a Pekka Flying Machine Deck with you! This deck successfully pushed me from 3300 trophies to 4000+ trophies so far Before I was Playing with Pekka Bandit Deck and made my own version of it to counter the current meta.It works extremely well against most… Read more »

Clash Royale – Pekka Hog Deck | Pekka Poison Deck | Pekka Log Deck

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Pekka Hog Deck

Hey guys, EliSolo here bringing you another deck guide! In this guide, I’ll be showcasing a Pekka Hog Deck which bagged me 12 wins in a Grande Challenge yesterday. I made this deck a few days ago,I try it out in a classic challenge first. As I went 12-1, I realized this deck had something… Read more »

Clash Royale- Pekka Double Prince Deck | Meta Deck After Balance Changes

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Pekka Double Prince Deck

Hello guys Kissmeclsureyes  here today I am going to show you my Pekka Double Prince Deck That got me 300 trophies After session rest, and also that helped me to  push from 4000 to 4300+ trophies! This deck is stunning, especially after the recent update, when P.E.K.K.A and Double Prince They both get Buff (Pekka Deploy Time to… Read more »

Clash Royale-Pekka Hog Electro Wiz Deck Arena 9+| E Wiz Miner Deck

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Hi all poopascoopa69 Today i am going to show you my Hog Electro Wiz Deck but I have modified that Pekka Hog deck (Check Out Here Full Guide) over time into the deck I currently use this deck for ladder.The basis of this deck is simple: Tank with support, and a quick attack for the other lane. If… Read more »

Clash Royale- Pekka Miner Balloon Deck Push to 4500 Throphies

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Pekka Miner Balloon Deck

Hi Guys rekthard here and today i am going to show you Pekka Miner Balloon Deck which is took me to 4500 throphies This deck works extremely well against cheap cycle decks (e.g. Hog Cycle), since most of the non win-condition troops in said decks can be taken out with The Log, Zap, or Arrows. It also fares extremely… Read more »

Clash Royale- Furnace Pekka Executioner Deck For Arena 9+F2P Deck

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Pekka Executioner Deck

Hello Clashers Dexter here This time i come back with Pekka Executioner Deck  that has brought me huge success in my most recent Ladder battle. It specializes in fast 3 crown victories which makes it perfect to push to the top in any tournament or Challenges quickly the speciality of this deck is executioner because his… Read more »