Clash Royale Mortar Royal Recruits Deck | Royal Recruits Challenge Deck

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Mortar Royal Recruits Deck Arena 9+ Guide

Hello everybody Today i will show you Mortar Royal Recruits Deck This is very good Grand Challenges You can get 12 Wins with this Mortar Royal Recruits Deck in grand challenge So many peoples are saying that this is new meta Mortar Royal Recruits Deck for Grand Challenge so come and take a look at this Mortar Royal… Read more »

Clash Royale-The Miner Mortar Deck Push to Arena 9

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Miner Mortar Deck

Miner Mortar Deck Push to Arena 9 Hi guys,Riddle0219 here today I want to share the miner-mortar siege-burn deck that I’ve been using for a while and i Reached at  3900+ Trophies.This Miner Mortar Deck is essentially a popular miner tempo-burn deck that swaps out the cannon for the mortar. The original version also has mini-pekka (which Woody… Read more »