Clash Royale-Miner Inferno Control Deck Guide 4000+ Trophies

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Miner Inferno Control Deck

Hi Guys Ace! here and I’ve recently hit 4k Trophies as a level 9 with 9/7/3/1 card levels! I thought this was a pretty good achievement, so I wanted to make this Miner Inferno Control Deck guide to hopefully help others do the same or even better! Before I share the deck, here’s the proof… Read more »

Clash Rolaye- Inferno Miner deck

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Grand Challenge Inferno Miner Deck Hi Guys Riddle0219 here and As someone who had never gotten 12 wins on grand challenge I felt quite cursed – Today I bought the A8 pack and tried out a inferno miner deck While using this deck I scored a solid 12-0 and never struggled against goison, in fact the hardest matchups… Read more »