Clash Royale Heal Spell Guide Information and Basic Tips

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Heal Spell

Hi guys Hyp3rion.Akki here and Today I am Going to talk about Clash Royale Heal Spell Guide Which is a new Rare Card  inside the clash royale The Heal Spell will be unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10).At tournament standards, this card heals 176 HP each second for 3 seconds.So come check out this Clash Royale Heal… Read more »

Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge Guide Winning Strategy, Tips & Tricks

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Heal Draft Challenge

Hi Guys What’s up we’re getting a really interesting challenge Heal Draft Challenge The first entry is free then It  and the next ones cost 100 Gems each This draft challenge will be almost exactly like the the bandit draft challenge. It will be a normal draft challenge, but every battle, one player will get the option… Read more »