Clash Royale-Challenge Winning Miner Rocket Deck For Arena 7+

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Miner Rocket Deck

Hi Guys, clash_jeremy here and I feel this Miner Rocket Deck  is one of the best I’ve ever created. This Miner Rocket Deck gets me on average around 10 wins in challenges, and I’ve won close to 20 challenges with this deck. For me, this Miner Rocket Deck  is strictly used for tournaments and challenges. Having said that, you… Read more »

Clash of Clan LavaLoon 3 Star Th9 Guide 2019 LavaLoon Th9 Army

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Star Th9 Guide 2018 LavaLoon Th9 Army

Hey guys, Ershad(Batista) here today I want to introduce to you guys a new 3 star Lavaloon TH9 war strategy. LavaLoon is an excellent attacking strategy utilizing Lava Hounds and Balloons.I personally have become a big fan of air troops and i always bring 3 stars in Clan war You Guys can Check out my profile… Read more »

3 Star Goho th9 Army 2019 | GoHo Th9 2019 | Th9 Goho Army

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Hey guys, Aziz Karami here today I want to introduce to you guys a new 3 star GOHo (Golems & Hog Rider) war strategy. I always bring 3 stars in Clan war You Guys can Check out my profile  Click Here GOHo (Golems and Hog Rider) is a great attacking composition for TH8 and TH9. Under regular circumstances,  Goho… Read more »

Clash Royale Barbarian Hut Princess Spawner Deck Arena 6+

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Hi everyone. I am Desertanu and I love testing new Princess Spawner Deck  and finding new ways to use cards that aren’t seen very often. Today I will share the Princess Spawner Deck  that helped get me to 3505 trophies.In this guide, I’ll cover the cards of the deck and how to use Princess Spawner… Read more »

Clash Royale-F2P Best Xbow Lightning Deck for Atrena 6+

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Xbow Lightning Deck

Hi Guys Arma_GD here and today i am taking about Unstoppable Xbow Lightning Deck That Got me to Arena 9,If you have a couple of the more commonly seen Legendary cards and want a deck to push trophies with,crush people for fun with, and/or use because you like somewhat hybrid Siege strategies, Xbow Lightning Deck Xbow Lightning Deck… Read more »

Clash Royale-Icy Hog Freeze deck Arena 8+ | Hog Mini Pekka Deck

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Hi Guys What’s up Riddle0219 here and today I going to show to Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck After being extremely  with the recent balance changes as my Night witch deck and Battle deck wasn’t working out as well I decided to search for something new and i finally found Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck for Arena 8+ so… Read more »

Clash Royale 2k Cards Tournament by Vrkingz | CR Tournament Password

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tournament password

Clash royale free tournament password,Guys we are hosting free clash royale tournament every day for you so please  like our Facebook page for upcoming Tournament password,Follow Us on Twitter for CR Tournament Password Check Out here some October Meta Decks 2017 Hey Guys Join our clash royale No.11  free tournament password Tournaments are a feature in Clash Royale… Read more »

Clash Royale-Anti meta Ice Wizard 3 musketeers Deck

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3 musketeers Deck

Anti meta Ice Wizard 3 musketeers Deck Hi Guys Justince Here and today i going to show you 3 musketeers Deck that got me to my PB (where I sit now) of 3328 at full tourney cap levels — I’m a level 9 running 9/7/x/1, and it’s really strong versus most meta decks. This deck is a… Read more »

CLash Royale-Tweaked Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

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Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+

Tweaked Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ Hi Guys  Skamory7 here and I’ve been using Giant Balloon Deck Arena 6+ since I got into the Legendary Arena in late April / early May as a Lv8 (before the strategy was wildly popular among the leader board), and I’ve been playing that strategy to this day. In this post… Read more »

Clash Royale-New Lava Hound Miner Control with tombstone Arena 6+

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Lava Hound Miner deck

Lava Hound Miner Control Arena 6+ Hi guys,Harbingerfall here and today I’m sharing with you guys a guide to my Lava Hound Miner deck .Lava Hound was my very first legendary, I got it the exact day it was released. Been playing it ever since. Well, I’ll jump right into the Lava Hound Miner deck…. Read more »