Clash Royale-Log Lumberjack Deck for arena 8+

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log lumberjack deck

Log Lumberjack Deck for arena 8+ Log Lumberjack Deck I saw some great ideas of the combo  the Log + Lumberjack in the comment section, I decided to gave it a try and got lots of great results. This deck is working extremely well a in Tournaments as the Lumberjack is a surprising card in the… Read more »

Clash Royale-The Log Hog Deck Arena 7+ After September Update

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Log Hog Deck

The Log Hog Deck After September Update Log Hog Deck Including a level 7 Hog, level 9 common cards and The Log as a Legendary, this Hog Cycle deck has only average elixir cost of 3.1, which is pretty low. With the common strategy of cycle deck by cycling fast around different cards and gain… Read more »

Clash Royale-Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck For Arena 8+

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Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck  For Arena 8+ Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck, Hey guys. After buffing the Lumberjack in recent update changes and most of you may have no ideas about how to play Lumberjack. Therefore, I am going to bring you the most powerful Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck. This deck works will in arena 9. Hope… Read more »