Clash Royale- Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck For Arena 9+

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Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck

Hi Guys The_Clash_Dude here and today i am going to show you Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck which is working well for me in arena 9 This is very Good deck for Arena 9 players This deck is all about chip damage! You want to use the Lumberjack, Barrel, Miner, and the Dart Goblin to get the chip. Wizard also… Read more »

Clash Royale – Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck Chip Cycle Deck

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Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck

Hey guys, Halo1013 here this is my second deck guide and I just wanted to share this deck with you guys because chip cycle is an archetype that is rarely seen and rarely used for the past couple balance changes, and I feel that it has potential in the current meta Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck  A… Read more »

Clash Royale-Miner Furnace Chip Deck for 12 Win Grand Challenges

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Miner Furnace Chip Deck

Hi guys, I’m Pred7tor. I think I’m a fairly decent player, I started playing the game 2 months ago and my PB right now is 4412. I usually always use meta decks or well known decks, but I recently built my own tournament/challenge deck revolving around the miner and furnace. These cards are the best… Read more »