Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019 | How to Use Colt in Brawl Stars

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Hi Brawl Stars Colt Guide guys RandyZ524 This is My First Brawl Stars Colt Guide and I’d like to talk about my current favorite brawler Brawl Stars Colt Guide , Colt the gunner. While not nearly having the menacing presence of characters like El Primo, or being able to control crowds like Barley or Poco, I… Read more »

Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide for Beginners ” El Primo Guide

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Hi all, name is Jojoisa ( Ingame as well) and I am currently ranked in the top 50 characters in beta in the clan Reddit Gamma, which peaked top 2 in the region (World sorta) behind OJ and today we taking a look at this Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide One major key to success in Brawl… Read more »

Brawl Stars – How to Unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars | Get Brawlers

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Unlock Brawlers

Hi guys Aaqib Javed here and today i am going to show How to Unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars Basically, It does really matter how many Brawlers  Once you unlocked 3 Brawlers, you will unlock the second slot in the homepage, which gives you new game types. By participating, you will get gold coins you will use… Read more »