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Hi Guys A good news for Android Users Initially announced and released as an iOS first in mid-December, Super Mario Run now has a Google Play Store listing. While not immediately available, users can pre-register and be alerted when the game is available to download.Super Mario Run for Android devices may see a release date soon. Reason being, Nintendo has allowed Android users to pre-register to be notified as to when the game is out.Super Mario Run Android

As you know Super Mario Run is a one tap 2D side-scrolling platformer. Mario automatically runs through levels with players pressing the screen to jump onto ledges, avoid enemies, and collect coins. The game features three modes Super Mario Run Android

No release date for Super Mario Run on Android has been set yet, but allowing for pre-registration is a step towards seeing a release date soon. The Super Mario Run page on Google Play is already up and you can pre-register on Play store 


Super Mario Run Android Gameplay:

Super Mario Run plays platformer game.The player controls Mario and he automatically runs from left to right, Mario jumps on  own to clear small gaps or’s very simple and the movement feels great with just a tap of a finger anywhere on the upstream you can make Mario jump  the longer you tap the higher marion will jumps.Super Mario Run Android

What’s new this time was different that you can play the game onehand it for the very first time you know what that means is that you can play while holding onto a handle on the subway Super Mario Run Android Continue Reading »

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