Why not submit it to Gamestroops.com and get $25 Paypal or Giftcard for every 7 posted articles! Some small notes for you before submitting your own PUBG, Clash Royale , Brawl Stars  and Clash of Clans Guide

  • Make sure that this is your own Guide and you didn’t copy it from anywhere else.
  • Please use the Search button to make sure your deck is not posted on Games Troops yet.
  • If you want to attach one screenshots into the guide, you can use below “Attach Screenshot” button but if you want to attach more than one image please upload them to Imgur and paste links into the guide.
  • At least 500-word guide is strongly recommended. Too short guide is not going to be posted.
  • For every 7 good PUBG, Clash Royale , Brawl Stars  and Clash of Clans Guide, you will receive a $25 Paypal o Giftcard from Games Troops. Just remember to mention your name and email in those guides.

Submit Clash Royale Deck

It might take from 1-5 days to post your deck as I need to test and fix typos before posting it.

Don’t be sad If your deck doesn’t get posted. Maybe it is either not good enough or too short. Please understand this and help us build a better Games Troops!

Thank you very much!