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The Street Fighter franchise has been mostly well received over its history and the latest in the series, Street Fighter IV, was no exception. With most major reviews placing the game over the 9/10 mark, the 2014 edition, Ultra Street Fighter IV, is known for being one of the best fighting games of all time.

Street Fighter


Street Fighter V is the start of a whole new chapter for the series, releasing with several never-seen-before characters, new mechanics and a massive graphical overhaul. The recent beta testing periods have even sparked speculation that thisStreet Fighter game may even contain some sort of story elements in addition to the popular multiplayer.


The overall gameplay appears to be toned down from Street Fighter IV: attack animations appear a bit more slower, and the character art and models are redesigned to feel more realistic. Revenge Gauges and possible Super Arts were features originally shown at the Capcom Cup; the former appears to have been scrapped, while the Super Art appears to have been retooled in the form of the Critical Art.


Street Fighter V is avilable for the PS4 and PC. It will also support cross-platform play