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Solo Pubg Mobile Ace Tips 2019 |

How to Reach Ace Pubg Mobile 2019

 Hi guys Solo Pubg Mobile Ace Tips 2019 | How to Reach Ace Pubg Mobile 2019 today I will talk about some Tips And Tricks To Become An Ace Player or How to Reach Ace in Pubg Mobile, So after finally completing my grind to hit Ace in Solo, I have learned that it is the hardest mode to climb. Everybody and their mother is high rated in Squad, because it is far easier to win or to place high enough to be able to gain points in that mode.


Solo Pubg Mobile Ace Tips 2019

After receiving hundreds of friend requests asking how to get a high percentage of wins in solo, I decided to write a guide. Even though I am not the best gunfighter in the game, I still stay in the top of the ranks because of my tactical decisions.

This guide is designed for increasing rank steadily on Erangle in solo. This guide describes a very passive playstyle.

Solo Pubg Mobile Ace Tips 2019

A lot of people may not have the patience to use these tactics and that’s OK. This guide is mostly useful to those players who are at high diamond or crown and have to play flawlessly finishing in the top 8 in order to break even rating for the game.



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Phase 1: Opener

Option 1: This is the safe loot opener, and is what you should use almost every game. Start by considering the flight path and looking for a suitable location based on two criteria.

First, your loot location should be at least 2,500 meters from the flight path (Preferably further). Second, it needs to be large enough to provide you with ample loot to support the entire game. No matter what flight path you end up with,

one of 4 locations will meet both criteria:




Georgopol (The southwest corner of Georgopol.

Don’t ever go to the area with the crates.) So begin by dropping in the direction of the optimal loot area, aiming for a road.

As you open your chute, scan for vehicles ASAP. As soon as you find a vehicle, drive directly to the optimal looting area. Do not stop along the way, or be distracted for any reason.

DO NOT be afraid of driving 4,000 meters away from the flight path if needed.

Option 2: Killing the afk players

In roughly 1/3 of the matches you get into, you will get a flight path that will automatically eject players out of the plane over land. In these scenarios you can simply stay in the plane all the way until the end of its flight path and get kicked out along with any afk players who are on board.

Typically there will be 1-4 afk players. Have your map open as the plane is getting near its end of path, and press the button called “mark my location” the instant that you are kicked out of the plane. Then, dive downwards as quickly as possible (234km/hr).

Get into a house and grab any gun, or alternatively get into a vehicle. Then, drive or run back to the area you marked on your map. The afk players will be floating down at that exact location.

Kill them quickly and get into a vehicle and then proceed immediately to whatever the optimal loot location is that you would have chosen in option 1. You will lose a couple minutes of loot time, however the extra kills are going to be worth it.

Phase 2: Looting

Once you have arrived at your optimal loot location, begin looting as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate or worry about other players, because there will not be anyone there 99.99% of the time.

There will be one bot appear 90% of the time. As soon as you hear their footsteps, just kill them and keep looting. Continue to loot until you have the bare minimum gear to feel comfortable in the last circles, which are the only ones you will be fighting in.

For me, this is what my bare minimum loot table looks like. 50 bandages 6 first aid 3 energy drink 3 painkiller Level 2 helmet Level 2 Vest 200 rounds of .556 Fully loaded M4 (Suppressor not required) 4x scope

You may wonder why so many bandages? Well that’s because I will not stop looting at the optimal loot location until I have at least met all my basic equipment/weapon criteria.

This of course means that many games I will spend looting outside the safe zone. Sometimes your loot phase will last for the first circle, sometimes it will last all the way until the 4th circle is closing. If there is one thing that I want to stress in this guide,

it is that you DO NOT NEED TO BE AFRAID OF THE SAFE ZONE AT ALL. Bandages can keep you going through the damage from the blue for the first 3 circles with ease.

So always continue to loot, and if you’re first aid kit loot is light, just keep looting more bandages. They are in almost every house. The loot phase does not end until you meet your minimum loot criteria OR the zone is getting close to restricting to the 4th circle.

Phase 3: Top 12 combat situation

When the 4th circle closes. The damage from the blue will increase SIGNIFICANTLY, and you will no longer be able to stay outside of the safe zone. Fortunately,

there are only 12-15 people alive at this point in the game (Based on crown matches). So as the countdown for the restriction to the 4th circle is coming to an end, heal up and get your boost bar full.

Jump into your vehicle and drive into the safe zone. At this critical moment, while you are a little bit wounded from being outside of the blue, and you’re driving into a situation where you are not familiar where everyone is, you are at your most vulnerable state in the game.

Even if you die immediately as you drive into the circle, you will still not lose any points (High crown will lose a few but that’s ok). Assuming you make it into the 4th circle alive, you have two choices now that will yield the best results.

Option 1: Get into a house.

If the circle is in an area with a large amount of buildings, drive up to one, jump out and run in immediately.

  • Solo Pubg Mobile Ace Tips 2019

As you are driving up, if you hear footsteps, just turn and keep going onto another complex.

When in the house, just prone near windows and try to get a feel for where everyone is around you, and try to bag a couple kills when it is safe to do so.

Option 2: Don’t get out of the car.

This works especially well if you have an armored jeep and if the terrain in the 4th circle is relatively smooth. Just continue to drive around in a dynamic pattern until you understand the lay of the land, and where most of the enemies are.

Do not slow down, and absolutely do not run into anything (unless it’s a player of course).

In the 4th circle people are hesitant to stand up and unload at a moving vehicle if they don’t have a fantastic angle to do so. Many, many games I manage to drive around for 5 minutes until there are only 3-4 people left, at which point I have a general idea of where all of them are, and I can choose a place to park safely.

After this point, if you have done everything correctly, you are in a top 5 situation and you’re going to gain a few points even if you only have your one bot kill for the match.

This is the way to play solo, if you never want to lose points and consistently climb the ladder