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I expect that a surprising extent of amateurs would ponder what Epic Sunday is.


What is Epic Sunday?


In a day by day turn, every player can purchase up to 100 Commons, 50 Rares, 10 Epics, or 3 Legendaries, at expanding costs once one of the separate card rarities are purchased. The costs of Common Cards begin at 2 coins, while the Rares begin at 20 coins, the Epics begin at 2,000 coins and the legendaries begin at 40,000 coins individually.


Epic Sunday is a week by week occasion happening each Sunday in which each player have admittance to 6 unique cards in shop, settling on an assortment of decisions!

The shop doesn’t promise that you’ll get one Common, one Rare and one Epic card on a typical day. You can get 3 Commons on the same as well. Same applies to epic Sunday. These cards will be supplanted in every day revolution, so in the event that you wish to purchase a card which is not showed up yet, you need to hold up until in any event the following day.

The card rarities in the shop are arbitrarily picked on typical days. In any case, on Sunday 2 Epics are ensured.

As I would like to think, Supercell ought to empower the Epic card gift demands on Sunday. Solicitations are restricted to 1 Epic card for every solicitation, and the cooldown on the Request clock is 24-hours rather than the ordinary 8-hours if an Epic card is asked. This limits players to accepting 1 Epic through gifts for each week.

epic Sunday

epic Sunday

Should you buy cards from the shop?


In the event that you are in Arena 9, the shop will haphazardly show up a Legendary Card available to be purchased. Contrast with purchasing a Super Magical Chest for around 40% possibility of getting a Legendary, buying it from the shop for 40.000 coins increases a great deal more benefit as 4600 diamonds for a SMC mid-section are proportional to more than 100.000 coins. Furthermore, it is 100% ensured to get a Legendary card. I have seen numerous individuals lamenting their choices on purchasing an improper Legendary. You should consider which Legendary you truly require in your deck. Perused our Legendaries Comparison for more data.

Additionally, you will have chance to purchase Epic cards important to update in your deck, as you can get them instantly by a couple taps. As you will think that its hard to have adequate Epics to update, getting them from shop is your most logical option. Simply remember that the cost will increment mathematically for every additional same consideration irregularity, hence you ought to just buy around 10 – 15 cards for every day completely.

It is suggested that you ought to purchase 2 – 3 Common or Rare cards every day, so you can give them to get some experience and Gamestroops.com trusts you appreciate investigating the Clash Royale Epic Sunday tip. Remember to hit the Like catch, Comment and Subscribe in the event that you have any inquiries for this tip and dive in all the more day by day Clash Royale .epic Sunday


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