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Clash Royale September 2016 Update leak

September 2016 Update leak Clash Royale was without any doubt, a popular game when it launched in March 2016. The game instantly gained popularity due to the thrilling gameplay it featured. However, like many other games, it started loosing its popularity after a few months and many players just left the game. Why? Because the game was kind of becoming similar to Clash of Clans and it didn’t even feature any new content. September 2016 Update leak

The game’s developer, Supercell has been releasing a lot of updates for Clash Royale to improve it, but many players still say that the game is broken. However, the developers have recently announced that they will release a new update for their game, which will hopefully bring back those players who left the game. September 2016 Update leak

September 2016 Update leak



Clash Royale September 2016 Update leak


New cards (note: they will release a new card every 2 weeks)

4 new cards with 2 rares and 2 legendaries. (confirmed)

  • Mega minion (confirmed): rare 3 elixir bigger armored minion. A bit like flying musket but shorter range
  • Ice golemiteWaiting): rare 2 elixir building targeting troop. A golemite that has aoe slow down (like ice wiz?) on death
  • Graveyard(waiting): legendary spell that spawns skeletons non stop (?)
  • Inferno dragon(waiting): 4 elixir legendary armoured baby dragon with same attack effect as inferno tower.

September 2016 Update leak Other changes (confirmed)

  • Special offers(confirmed): They are special things you can only buy once in the shop. They randomly appear for 24h. You will get a notification when a special offer is available in the shop
  • Legendary chest(confirmed): Can be obtained by winning a battle (24h to open) or can be bought in the shop as a special offer for 500 Gems. It does not depend by the arena and it will give you 1 legendary card (no gold, no gems and no other cards)
  • Epic chest(confirmed): Can be obtained by winning a battle (12h to open) or can be bought in the shop as a special offer for 10.000 Gold. It will give you 10 epic cards (no gold, no gems and no other cards)
  • Training camp: Now the trainers can use legendary cards
  • Game over screen: New animation
  • Clan chat(confirmed): New image
  • Ice Spirit(confirmed): New walking animation (thanks /u/dogey_)
  • Mute option(confirmed): There is now a button inside the emote menu that let you mute them

Friendly battles(confirmed): Soon you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a Friendly Battle from the friends list

September 2016 Update leak Rumors & speculations (nothing official)

  • Landscaper card: In the same video you can see that Clash on Gan is in the “Landscaper Hype” clan. This could be a hint to a new card just like the youtubers made in the last update when they where in the “Sparky factory” clan and a few days after Supercell revealed the Sparky
  • 2 new cards: In the OJ’s video we can see the card collection. In the “new” side the cards are sorted by elixir cost and the mirror is moved forward by 2 slots. This could mean that there are 2 new common/rare cards but due to the fact that we can’t see which cards are in the deck they can’t be confirmed (thanks /u/slifyer and /u/DhaBossMan)
  • New cards leak: /u/AGuyfromPH found an image that shows 2 of the 4 possible new cards
  • Another card leak: /u/HypeFolk found 2 new 3 elixir cards (one at the top (very similar to the “armored minion”) and one at the bottom inside OJ’s video. It could be unlocked from arena 5 or below due to the fact that in the video OJ is in that arena (thanks /u/VNERF)
  • New tournament reward. 1000 player tournament will now cost 10000 gems and reward for 1st place will be 4000 cards. Reward for winning 100 player tournament will be 200 cards!?
  • Friend system

Acorrding to our asumption so many  thing has been confirmed,Finally this Update Leaked Is Confirmed



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