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Rush Wars Strategy Tips & Tricks Hi guys gwtio here and today I will show you Rush Wars Tips for New Players | Rush Wars Strategy Tips & Tricks Feel free to add tips and information! I’ve collected some useful tips and general information about the game so come and take a look at this Rush Wars Tips for New Players | Rush Wars Strategy Tips & Tricks Guide

Rush wars

Rush Wars Tips Attack:

You receive 5g for each unused troop and 20g for each unused airdrop if you win a fight with 3 star.


Tip: gold can be grindable even if you don’t have keys to open chest. Try to win fight without using the airdrop. Don’t “skip” searching for a easy one. You just waste coins. Try to fight against everyone, maybe you can win.

Tip: a good attacking formation right now seems 3 shields + 3 bazooka (need Chooper lvl. 3), but of course try to experiment as much as possible with your troops

Rush Wars Tips Defense:

Defense box has no cooldown, so if you are attacked a lot and win you can open many boxes.

Defense box seems to be equal to a common box

Every 24 hours the layout of your base changes.

If you join a team you can help with to receive a defensive bonus item, the bonuses are card from high level HQ (i.e. Rocket Trap, Tesla, Freeze mine, etc.), only 1 bonus item at the time can be active. This item doesn’t count to the total defensive troops.

Rush wars

Rush Wars General Tips:

Leveling the HQ increase the cost to start a fight. With HQ level 3 a fight cost 5g

Leveling the Chopper it unlocks new area. From what I understood an area is the background of your base. With Chopper level 3 you unlock Megacity, so it might happen that you fight in the city instead of the jungle. The city has Freezing exploding barrels. Megacity example:

You can collect Gold every hour

You receive a key every 1h, max. 5 keys

You receive a free box every 3h, max. 2 boxes

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Rush Wars Beginner Guide | Rush Wars Tips and Tricks

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