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Rush Wars is a combat strategy game that takes a bit of all other Supercell games and puts it on a military strategy tower defense style game, but on a more casual way and cool way.

The main objective is to destroy the Gold Mines on the enemy bases and with its player vs player design, you will need to plan and outsmart your opponents bases. You can setup your base with troops and defense buildings to protect your Gold Mines.

Troops are deployed on the left and can be strategically placed before the battle starts. You have 1 minute to plan and position them. However, you don’t have to place all of them before the attack starts, you can deploy during the attack as well. Once the troop starts to move you have no control over them anymore.


Rush Wars | New Supercell Game Rush Wars Announced: Rush Wars! |

This is the main gameplay, where you attack an enemy village. The planning and placement of the troops to attack is critical, so are the defenses.

Many familiar items from other Supercell games can be found and this makes the game even more interesting. You will find similar stuff from Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and even Hay Day. It’s a big mix of all games into a war strategy battle game. Cards, Headquarters (Town Hall), base layouts, Heroes (Commanders) and much more.


Rush Wars | New Supercell Game Rush Wars Announced: Rush Wars! |

Gold Mines are the bases on Rush Wars. Every base features 3 Gold Mines and each one is worth 1 Star. Destroying all of the will reward you with 3 stars, 100%.

On the Gold Mine editor you can setup your layout and place your defenses. Every day the layout changes with different obstacles, so you must rearrange the defenses. Once the setup is done, the base is ready to defend for 24 hours.


The HQ is the main building of the game, just as the Town Hall on Clash of Clans. Upgrading the HQ will:

• Upgrade the level of the Free Box


• Increase the Gold/Hour production of your defense


• Increase the Gold Storage


• Unlock new cards including Troops, Commanders and Defenses

Upgrading your HQ is only limited by your Experience.


Before the attack you must choose the Attack Squad you want to take to the battlefield: troops, Airdrop and Commander. There is no production/cooking time, you select them and you are ready to go.

Airdrops are similar to spells and Commanders are similar to Heroes. They have their special abilities that will help your troops on the battles.

There are currently 17 troops, 7 Airdrops and 5 Commanders on the game.


All Troops, Commanders, Airdrops and Defenses are cards and the system is similar to Clash Royale.

Destroying Gold Mines on battles will reward you with Stars. Every 5 Stars you collect, a Box will be unlocked.

Boxes are similar to Chests on Clash Royale. You can get Gems, Gold or cards with Troops, Buildings or Commanders, so you can upgrade them with Gold.

Different from Clash Royale, there is no timer to open the Boxes. However, you must have Keys to open.


Once you have a Box to open, you must have a spare Key. You can hold up to 5 Keys at the same time, after that the production will stop.

A new key is given for free every 60 minutes. This is currently the only timer I’ve found on the game. Everything else is fast, troops, attacks, upgrades, everything is ready to go.

You can attack even if you run out of keys, however, you will not be able to open the Boxes.


The matchmaking is based on the amount of stars you have, similar to Trophies on Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

However, on Rush Wars the Stars are cumulative. There is no way to lose or drop Stars. If you lose an attack, there is no penalty. If you win, get the Stars (one for each Gold Mine destroyed). On the defense something similar happens: if you win the defense, you get 3 Stars. If the enemy destroys 1 Gold Mine, you still get the other 2, and so on.


This is the War equivalent on Rush Wars. Daily Domination is actually a map where you and your teammates have to progress by destroying enemy bases.


The game is still being tested and everything I just explained might change before the official global release, however, the amount of content on the game is already impressive, and hopefully the beta will not be as long as Brawl Stars. Currently the game if available only in only 3 countries: Canada, Australia and New Zealand