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Hi guys here is Rush Wars Beginner Guide | Rush Wars Tips and Tricks shared by legomaster3690 on reddit, In this Rush Wars Beginner Guide | Rush Wars Tips and Tricks we will tell you some Rush Wars Tips and Tricks so come and take a look at this guide

Rush Wars Beginner Guide

Rush Wars Beginner Guide | Rush Wars Tips and Tricks

Never skip bases. Having already begun a search, there is no cost in attacking a base other than time. Even that is not a big deal (will discuss this later)


Bazookas have splash radius that allows them to hit two buildings next to each other so avoid clumping buildings/troops

Deco (cans and other trash in your base) can be removed for a fee of 25 gold. It is usually not worth it as gold is very valuable

You can only keep one research item at a time, I believe Tesla is the best one atm

Bazookas are very strong (can combine with Shields) and completely overshadow the Pitchers (side note: Pitchers are good at dealing with plumbers). Focus on upgrading Bazookas

Rush Wars Beginner Guide

Like Clash Royale when first released, card levels of different rarity are not equal. E.g. A level 3 rare is higher level than a level 3 common (I think lvl3 rares are equivalent to lvl5/lvl6 common)

Bazookas have less health than Pitchers and can usually be one shot by an appropriately leveled Arcade spell.

Use the Arcade spell to hit barrels next to units if you cannot one shot them

There is a 20 gold bonus if you can three star a base without using an Airdrop

Rush Wars Strategy:

Introducing the place-units-down-and-close-app strategy…

It’s not very interactive, but it’s by far the most efficient way to climb trophies.

Simply place down all units, throw down an Arcade spell, tap the Overview button on your phone (two rectangles; next to home key) and close the game.

Reopen the game and the attack will have finished. It will not appear in your attack log, but the stars will be collected.

If you had a box available at the time, it will have been automatically opened so remember to check for upgrades afterward.

This strategy is somewhat exploitative and only works well before you get a Commander with an ability.

It also underlines one of the issues of the game which is a lack of interactiveness to some degree.