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Hi Guys Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Today i Will talk about Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge is going to start from 22 December 2017 This Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge is a Special Event Which  Match You against your opponent using the same deck and same card rotation I mean In Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge, both players have the same deck and every deck contain a Mirror card and Royale Ghost Card So come and Take a look at these Top 17 December  Meta Decks 2017
2 wins: 500 coins12 wins:Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Guide

This Mirror Battle Challenge is pretty Good You can win at 2 Wins 500 Coins, at 10 Win One Legendary Chest and at 12 Wins Royal Ghost Card gold at 12 Wins Which is very Good for All F2P 

The best thing about this Challenge is you and your opponent will have the same card rotation. There is no over-levelling, no mix matches, just pure skills. You just have to use the Mirror card to gain an advantage and to change your card rotation so come and see this Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Guide


General Royal Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Guide :

Royal Ghost is not completely invisible. You can see it and Your Opponent as well Royal Ghost becomes visible to if there are no troops nearby.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO: analyze the deck you are given. Your opponent has the exact same deck, so you will want to take some time to study what counters what. Any card in the deck that does not have a counter should be played as much as possible from the very beginning, as that gives you a head start over your opponent who may take time to recognize their win condition. The few seconds at the very beginning of the match where you are shown the deck are the most critical.

Use your win condition often. Your win condition is not necessarily a win condition in the usual sense it is the strongest card or card combination in your deck. If you have Three Musketeers and no heavy spell, cycle Three Musketeers.

Play defensive if possible. You have the exact same card rotation as your opponent and exact same deck, which means you have the same amount of firepower. So to get the extra firepower, you’ll fight on your side of the arena so that your princess towers can help out, and also so you can kite, drop melee units next to ranged fighters, etc. This allows you to gain an elixir advantage and build a powerful counterpush.

That being said, if you realize your deck is extremely powerful on offense, don’t be afraid to blitz. Just be sure that your opponent doesn’t have the counter they need in hand, or if they do (Minion Horde for Balloon), be sure you have a counter (Arrows for Minion Horde). Blitzing often makes the opponent panic and drop everything, which is even better for you.
Don’t be afraid to mirror. Especially if the opponent used their counter, then played something else. You can get a lot of value out of your mirror if you use it correctly – but it works better in double elixir.

Keep in mind: all decks WILL have Royal Ghost in them. (Oh great, the second coming of the RG :lol:). This means that ranged troops will not be as strong, because his unique mechanic makes him strictly melee splash and ranged has no range advantage.

On the other hand, only 6 cards are random, so you will have less to analyze. Always keep the RG2 in mind

A lot of players don’t fully understand how he works and will be experimenting in the challenge, sometimes just spamming him. Know his mechanics, his counters and what he counters, as always in any new card challenge.

Thanks WubWub For Sharing this Cool Guide For Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge

Clash Royale Mirror Battle Challenge Guide:


Your opponent is on the same cycle.

This means if you have something like a balloon and no air defence in the first 5 cards PLAY IT IMMEDIATELY and if your deck contains a ballon and no counter, then You can play mirror balloon since the opponent can’t counter Check Out Some Coll Balloon Decks here 

It becomes a lot easier to track their cycle

In the first minute. If you can’t track cycles in a normal match, this is some great practice! Always assume your opponent is doing the same

They have the same deck weakness, and NO SURPRISES 

The trick to winning a match like this is to take advantage of this weakness better than your opponent! Usually, the best way to do this is to spam! Against beatdown what you need to do is play the beatdown card second! if they play it first you have the advantage of the tower, so USE IT!

Mirror Card & Card Rotation

Mirror Card is the key to win in this Challenge, You have to use this card to gain an advantage and  For your card rotation.

your opponent will have the same card rotation.The cards that you have in your initial hand is the same as the opponent So you and easily track their card rotation 

Well, you and your opponent have the same cards so use this to your advantage. For Example, You have Arrows and Minion Horde And you Opponent use his Arrows early on something else supposed Once he uses his Arrows on Goblin Gang Now you can play your Minion Horde Without any fear

And most importantly, IT’S MIRROR MODE! your opponent has the same cards, never forget this! This one fact should change your playstyle IMMENSELY!

If you act like this is a normal royale match YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG also keep in mind that One more tip: Pay close attention to your deck. Some decks have no spells, meaning that certain troops will be very valuable.

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Thanks for reading this Royal Ghost Mirror Challenge Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.