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hello everyone MrBrightside711 I just bought it. I was messing around with it on my iPad for $5.99. From what I can tell, this is basically RCT1+2 in one game. All the scenarios from vanilla 1, both rct1 expansions, and vanilla 2 are divided into 10 difficulty groups. Each group has 9 or 10 scenarios with a mix of parks from each game. At the start, only 3 parks from 3 groups are unlocked. (Real parks from both games are not included, that means no Six Flags or Alton Towers) Edit: Urban Jungle is not included

The mechanics dont change from rct1 parks to rct 2 parks. You can shift in forest frontiers for example. The paths seem to be ONLY from RCT2 though, as well as terrain tools. The UI seems pretty good although the see-through menu is behind the pause button along with all other settings. Scenery and Ride UI are RCT1 style and building buildings seems like it may take a lot of getting used to. Researching is RCT2 style. No need to research ride elements anymore. Also, coasters can bank on drops like in RCT2.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic Guide

New additions are the start screen. The music is the same but the preview parks are all new. There is also a random theme park fact that appears at the start of each load. One said “Did you know MF was the first coaster to reach 300ft. CP in 2000.” The game also shows where you are making all your money with pop-ups from the locations guests are buying things. You are also able to zoom-in much further than either RCT game. The game also comes with 3 fast forward settings (but you can’t build in any fast forward mode). Saves feature screenshots. Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic Guide


As for In-App Purchases, you can buy Wacky World or Time Twister for $1.99 each. For another $5.99 you can buy what looks like the Scenario Editor, Coaster Designer Grid, and also this: “Import and Export: Share your saved creations with friends, and try out theirs too. Includes ability to import most saved parks and scenarios created in the original RCT2 PC game” Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic Guide

Update: Just beat Forest Frontiers which unlocked the 4th park in the same group: Diamond Heights. Arachnaphobia (the junior coaster) has been replaced with a spiral coaster with a similar layout. I still don’t know if you have to beat all the parks in a group to unlock a new group.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Classic has its scenarios divided into 10 difficulty groups According to rct.wikia Graphite, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Coral, Ivory, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each group contains 9 or 10 different scenarios from RCT, RCT:CF, RCT:LL, and RCT2. Scenarios not included are: Urban Jungle, Alton Towers, Heide-Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and all Six Flags parks. Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic Guide

Graphite Group: Black

  1. Forest Frontiers (Unlocked)
  2. Dynamite Dunes (Unlocked)
  3. Leafy Lake (Unlocked)
  4. Diamond Heights
  5. White Water Park
  6. Trinity Islands
  7. Three Monkeys Park
  8. Factory Capers
  9. Katie’s Dreamland

Emerald Group: Green

  1. Bumbly Beach (Unlocked)
  2. Karts & Coasters (Unlocked)
  3. Evergreen Gardens (Unlocked)
  4. Crazy Castle
  5. Mel’s World
  6. Mystic Mountain
  7. Pacific Pyramids
  8. Crumbly Woods
  9. Paradise Pier

Ruby Group: Red

  1. Millennium Mines (Unlocked)
  2. Electric Fields (Unlocked)
  3. Haunted Harbour (Unlocked)
  4. Barony Bridge
  5. Funtopia
  6. Canary Mines
  7. Future World
  8. Gentle Glen
  9. Jolly Jungle

Sapphire Group: Blue

  1. Iceberg Islands
  2. Volcania
  3. Arid Heights
  4. Razor Rocks
  5. Crater Lake
  6. Vertigo Views
  7. Paradise Pier 2
  8. Dragon’s Cove
  9. Good Knight Park

Amethyst Group: Purple

  1. Fun Fortress
  2. Amity Airfield
  3. Bumbly Bazaar
  4. Whispering Cliffs
  5. Hydro Hills
  6. Sprightly Park
  7. Magic Quarters
  8. Fruit Farm
  9. Pokey Park

Coral Group: Orange

  1. Butterfly Dam
  2. Coaster Canyon
  3. Thunderstorm Park
  4. Harmonic Hills
  5. Roman Village
  6. Swamp Cove
  7. Adrenaline Heights
  8. Botany Breakers
  9. Rotting Heights
  10. Lightning Peaks

Ivory Group: White

  1. Utopia Park
  2. Ivory Towers
  3. Thunder Rock
  4. Dusty Greens
  5. Fungus Woods
  6. Gravity Group
  7. Wacky Warren
  8. Grand Glacier
  9. Crazy Craters
  10. Icarus Park

Bronze Group: Bronze

  1. Dusty Desert
  2. Woodworm Park
  3. Sunny Swamps
  4. Frightmare Hills
  5. Thunder Rocks
  6. Octagon Park
  7. Pleasure Island
  8. Icicle Worlds
  9. Ghost Town
  10. Infernal Views

Silver Group: Silver

  1. Fiasco Forest
  2. Pickle Park
  3. Giggle Downs
  4. Mineral Park
  5. Coaster Crazy
  6. Pacifica
  7. Alpine Adventures
  8. Extreme Heights
  9. Lucky Lake
  10. Rainbow Summit

Gold Group: Gold

  1. Rainbow Valley
  2. Urban Park
  3. Geoffrey Gardens
  4. Southern Sands
  5. Tiny Towers
  6. Nevermore Park
  7. Terror Town
  8. Megaworld Park
  9. Venus Ponds
  10. Micro Park

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