Ring Of Elysium Beginner Guide

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Hi Guys Today we will see some Ring Of Elysium Beginner Guide  So this is a proper Ring Of Elysium Weapons Guide  for all the weapons in game (inc air drop weapons) so newbies don’t have to worry on using which gun.(includes my personal opinion in each category) I really like this game and have nearly 150+ hrs in it and thought to do this so others could be benefited.

Ring Of Elysium Weapons Guide

Ring Of Elysium Weapons Guide: 


  1. LVAOC: is a great weapon for beginners as it has low recoil and decent close to mid range accuracy . Think of it as the scar l from PUBG.
  2. M4A1: is the most stable and consistent weapon imo and has more mid to long range capability. Recoil is also pretty decent and fires faster than the LVAOC.
  3. FAMAS: is the fastest firing of all the AR’s and is the least stable for long range. Best is close to mid range . Great for the starting fights .

ASSUALT RIFLES : 7.62 ammo


  1. GROZA: is just like the famas but more deals more damage as it uses 7.62 ammo. It is well balanced and stable enough to slap a 4x and use it for mid range.
  2. AK47: is the least favourite gun u could get imo in game as it has a low firing rate and less stable at long range 


  1. MP5: is the best overall SMG for beginners and has decent recoil and range.
  2. MPX: is the suppressed variant of the MP5 and has slightly better range imo as I am able to glide and shoot with it as still guarantee a kill.
  3.  VECTOR: is deadly when with extended mag and has high damage per second .
  4. But imo MPX is the best weapon overall in SMG category.


  1. MK12(556ammo): is a great weapon for long range and with a vertical grip and a extended mag (30 ammo) you can easily suppress squads with its high second shot accuracy and less recoil recovery time.
  2. G28(762 ammo): is the SLR of PUBG and has high recoil but 2 shots anyone accross the map (3 for lvl2 vest).
  3. Vertical grip is the best and I highly recommend everyoneone to try this DMR as has high damage per bullet than the MK 12


  1. MOSIN NAGANT(762 ammo): is a great ready to go sniper rifle as it comes with a built in 4x scope and you can easily headshot anyone accross the map.
  2. REMINGTON 700(556 ammo): is the best sniper as imo it has less bullet drop when compared to the mosin. It come with no scope and you can attach upto a 8x scope on it.


  1. AUG: is one of the best AR imo but the m4a1 is also close. You get 42 ammo instead of 40 ammo when using an extended mag and has very less recoil with a angular grip.
  2. VKS: is a silenced sniper rifle and it you can kill the enemy with just one shot (even body shot). Has less ammo (only 10) so it is better you save the desert eagle pistol ammo as both of them use .50 ACP .

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