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Ridiculous Things Noob Does In Clash Royale

We were all once beginners, or even noobs! How about we investigate the main 5 senseless learner gameplay they have ever done in their life. I genuinely wager that everybody understanding this  has done no less than one or more things said.Noobiest things

Noobiest things

Noobiest things

Noobiest things


5: Using Spell Cards On Single Tower,Noobiest things


Have you ever use Fireball just to deal chip damage to Tower? I bet the answer is Yes xD. Or even Arrows on Towers lol. Even when I tried to tutor and teach those newbies that it was a totally bad idea, they did not listen to me!

Why is this bad? Because you are wasting great tools to eliminate swarm, cheap troops like Goblins or Skeleton Army. Even tough units like Prince or Mini Pekka can be knocked out by a single Fireball.

Therefore, my tips on beginner gameplay for those newbie is to learn how to use spell. They should have some idea on when to use and not to use, especially how to execute an effective push rather use spells for no reason.


4: Being Greedy On Your Deck,Noobiest things

One common mistake I have also made earlier: Too many Rare and Epic cards in my deck. Obviously people think that Epic and Rare cards are better than the Common one. It is logical of course, but newbies do not know that Common cards are way easier to upgrade, thus easier be be stronger.

Those decks not only struggle with upgrades, but also cost really high Elixir, thus having weakness in defense. Therefore, you should learn how to build a balanced deck. See How to build a perfect deck.


3: Upgrading Every Single Card In Clash Royale,Noobiest things

You may think that upgrading every card will make your deck balance, and you can switch between them to choose appropriate deck for every match. Nevertheless, it is a bad idea when you reach higher Arena. You will have to face tough opponents with their nearly max leveled Common cards as well as high level Rare and Epic cards.

The problem is, the higher the level of the troops, the more gold it requires to upgrade further. It can cost thousands and thousands gold just to upgrade a Common card! And imagine a single Zap from your enemy can wipe out your Minion Horde? Ridiculous!


2: Single unit push,Noobiest things

Obviously noobs do not know how to push. Most of the time they just send in an alone Giant or Prince, then do nothing and watch his Prince push in hopelessness.

It is crucial that you must support your main unit with other troops to cover it, or else you do nothing and waste the elixir.


1: Doing nothing even Elixir bar is full,Noobiest things

One thing newbie should know: Elixir does not stack after 10! Therefore, waiting for your opponent and doing nothing is just a waste of time and elixir. Instead, you can start some small pushes to force your opponent to make a move.Noobiest things


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