Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Tips 2019

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Hi guys Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Tips 2019 today i will show you Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Tips 2019 | How to Win Zombie Mode, Lizm3 here and I’ve played a few games now and thought I’d share some tips. Feel free to make any additional suggestions below too.

Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Tips 2019

Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Tips 2019

  1. get a Combat Knife if you can. Works great against small zombies, especially when they are all up in your grill. No ammo required is a plus.
  2. try and get a shotgun, ideally the S12K, works awesome against zombies.
  3. ideally also get an assault rifle for firing at bigger zombies so you can stay away from them.
  4. stay away from big zombies cos they hurt and have sweet moves and are hard to kill. Try and shoot them from far away but be prepared for them to move fast.
  5. vehicles kill small zombies well but if you try and use them against the boss you are very likely to die.
  6. the flamethrower is amazing against both zombies and real players. You need the gas for it too, so if you see any, pick it up in case you get a flamethrower.
  7. the zombie gun works well, but makes you quite slow moving. You have to hold the firing button down to make it go.
  8. carry heaps of meds, ideally use a booster or two prior to night because you will just keep getting hit
  9. night time you’re best to hole up in a room with your squad and just focus on killing zombies. They just keep coming.
  10. there is a magical grey brick compound that I’ve seen appear twice near School. If you go in the front gates and into the hall there are heaps of zombies in there including in day time. Get loot beforehand though cos there wasn’t much there.
  11. don’t forget about real players!!

I think that’s all I can think of for now.. Any questions or suggestions, post below 🙂

  • additional suggestions:
  • set your gun on single shot. It will kill the zombies and conserve your ammo.
  • ideally your squad should all be in the same room at night time. I had one game where we were all on the roof at the top of the stairs which worked great because it funneled them to us but watch out for the spitters below and don’t spend ages trying to get to a roof if it’s almost nightfall
  • there are hardly any vehicles and hardly any fuel so if you find any, pick it

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Thanks For Reading This Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode Tips 2019 | How to Win Zombie Mode Hopefully, these tips have proven to be very valuable.