Pubg Mobile Tips 2018 and Tricks

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Hi Guys ErisKyyyyle here today I am going to show you Top 10 Pubg Mobile Tips 2019 So I realized some things that could be useful to new players who has never played pubg before, this may improve their first few hours of gaming experience for them… Just personal advises for Pubg Mobile Tips 2019

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Pubg Mobile Tips 2108 and Tricks

Top 10 Pubg Mobile Tips 2019

  1. Never stop moving: One of the most important part, when you are looting, shooting, spotting enemies, don’t stop moving, always randomly drags joystick around to make snipers harder to one tap you in the head. And winning a close -range shooting will be easier if you move around instead of standing still (Cuz enemies will find it harder to hit you if you keep moving).
  2. Peek N fire and Prefire: If you know your enemies’ position and don’t mind waste a few ammo, prefire could help you out in many situations like short to mid range combats, or pushing tight corners, as prefiring basically allows you to fire faster than enemies, laning a few shots could be the difference between chicken dinner and better luck next time. Peek N Fire decreases your exposure to enemies, peeking when hiding behind covers allows you to attack enemies without getting yourself into the enemies’ line-of-fire( To turn it on, just go to settings, and turn it on).
  3. Throwables: These things really depends on people, someone like me may prefer bullistic CQBs and Head-on attacks, but someone else may like to use different strats to win and carry tons of throwables. But no matter what, have at least three smoke inside your backpack, when looting airdrops, reviving teammates or getting out of the sight of a sniper, they are used by almost every pro in the game. Pubg Mobile Tips 2018
  4. Communication: Talk to you teammates! A communicating team is a winning team, share intels with your teammate, inform them about enemies you saw, when being knocked down, tell your teammates who shot you, and launch attacks together could improve your chance of winning.
  5. Take caution: Looting airdrops or other players could be extremely dangerous, if you are not sure you or your team is good enough against the enemies you may encounter, just don’t do it, run away from a airdrop, countless deaths happened around airdrops and loot boxes, if you want a chicken dinner, sometimes it’s better not to take risks. Pubg Mobile Tips 2019
  6. Have a clear realization about what you are capable of: Yeah, it’s a tip, don’t ignore it. It’s better to admit “I don’t think I’m good with recoils” and mount a vertical grip and red dot on a M416 than grabs a groza with 4x Scope and silencer and misses every shot. This is especially important in teams, if you know of your teammates are really good at snipers and you are not, just leave that AWM to him and find something that fits you, over confident could be nasty…Pubg Mobile Tips 2018
  7. 3D-touch: If you are rich/lucky enough to have a device that supports 3D-Touch, than use it, 3D-Touch could be really helpful in shortening your reaction time(You can even reach PC-level reaction time if you practice hard enough). Go into settings, and choose the control mode that enables 3D-Touch Pubg Mobile Tips 2019
  8. FPS Over Graphics: Always focus on frame rates, optimize your graphic settings to have a better FPS, better FPS means smoother gameplay, smoother gameplay means more frames to react and see, it will have a small but important improvement on your gameplay. (If you are here to see the graphics on a mobile game, you can just ignore this.)
  9. Improvised snipers: So, a smart tip about sniping, if you can’t find cool snipers like M24, Kar98K or SKS in the map, just use AK or M16 with a 6X Scope, they works, and they works wonderfully until you found a replacement  Pubg Mobile Tips 2019
  10. Practice: Not everyone is born with Shourd’s skills or KennyS’s reaction speed, just practice more, find the feeling of recoil in the shooting range, play arcade mode to improve aim and reaction time, watch pros’ streams to gain more knowledge about the game… And have a positive mindset, after all, even E-sport legends could fail and die, you could be just unlucky, or your enemies are having a really good day, just relax, and carry on if you lost.Pubg Mobile Tips 2019
  11. Connection and device: Well, not much is required here, but at least you’ll need a device that does not suffer from constant frame rate drops, and a connection that has at least have a PING lower than 300. I mean, If you can get a chicken dinner on a iPhone 5S and using 3G network, you should be considered a legend. (Not saying a 5S is bad, but it just won’t be able to run a PUBG smoothly, I tried, believe me.)

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Thyanks For Reading This Top 6 PUBG Mobile Tips 2019 | Few Tips and Pointers For PUBG Mobile Guide Hopefully, these tips have proven to be very valuable.