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PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn Guide 2019 | Zombie Mode Guide Hi Guys Its Aplusho1996M416 here I’ve decided to write up a short little handy guide to the new game mode: Survive until Dawn. I will also be uploading a more comprehensive gameplay video with commentary going into more details and encounters, as well as how you could and should react during different waves, as well as encountering different bosses.

Keep in mind that this textual guide is meant to be a quick bite and meant for squads. It is completable by solo, albeit more difficult. I will save most of the dull (exciting if you like details and explanations) details to the video. here’s the video guide:

//Background info//


  1. This game mode has health gain on kill, but it is extremely insignificant. I would treat it as borderline useless.
  2. As titled, survive until dawn does not require killing off any other opposing players. In fact you can win simply by staying alive for 30 minutes. Most games end with only a handful of players left within the final few waves. Of the 5 wins I’ve experienced, only one game has more than 4 people surviving till the end.
  3. New zombies: Dog zombie, giant bloated: shield zombies, hazmat suit zombies. They are quick, agile, and deadly. Details in video.
PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn Guide 2019


At the Beginning

You start off within a tiny circle around an arena surrounding pochinki, ruins, school and the 6 aparments near school. From my experience, the racoon police station also always spawns in the same area in between school and the nearby buildings opposite to the sixaparments. (Same location as original zombie mode, but since the other two possible spawn locations of RPD are outside the circle in this mode, you can’t access them. I’ve never seen it NOT SPAWN either)


All the guns you can find before the first wave will be SMGs(9mm, .45 ACP) and Shotguns (S1897/S686)

I recommend UMP/Tommy gun + a S1897, and EXTENDED QUICKDRAW OR QUICKDRAW mag. If you can choose between quickdraw and extended, take QUICKDRAW.


Grab as many liquid nitrogen grenades and STUN grenades as possible. Find a building with a narrow/ tight opening as well as long hallways. Good choice would be the giant two-storey buildings in Pochinki, one of the six apartments near school. Bad choices would be Garages, buildings with turn around stairwell, lack of windows.


The first few waves should not pose much of a problem, save for the hazmat zombies near the end. Use your S1897 as much as possible. It is a guaranteed one shot kill if you manage to bit the head. Take advantage of the special reloading mechanism of shotguns and fire off an emergency shot or two during reloading.

MAKE SURE YOU TAKE OFF YOUR AUTO PICK UP LIMIT ON AMMO TYPE, or else your shotgun shells will be limited to 40.


Once you get past the first “night”, run the heck away from the building. Do not waste time on the zombies, since all they drop are ammo and medicine. What you need right now is an immediate upgrade on your arsenal.

Look for glowing yellow markers on your map. They indicate zombie hordes, composing of ONE giant shielded zombie, TWO giant bloated zombies, as well as some stragglers.

The optimal amount of zombie horde you should clear out as a squad is 3. As a solo I would say 2.

A very important tip to clearing out hordes is USE YOUR STUN GRENADES, and if not, LIQUID NITROGEN grenades. Stun grenades can stun zombies for a total of 10 seconds, stopping them in their tracks completely. Focus on taking out the shielded one and then the two bloated ones.


They drop S12K 7.62 and 5.56 rifles, and if you are lucky, certain rifle attachments. Two attachments you would want to look out for is JUNGLE MAG, and LASER SIGHTS.

The one gun you really want to look out for is S12K. If you are soloing, S12K is MANDATORY. You will not survive without it. Even in a squad it is a complete beast. With a jungle mag it goes up to 13 rounds per mag, and tear through most zombies with ease.

After clearing out the zombie hordes, the next waves should be close to upon you. Return to a good building and start holing up there. Things will get a little hairy starting from now.


Before starting the night, make sure to eat up your painkillers and energy drinks. You will get plenty later on from zombie drops.

With your new found rifles and S12K, your squad should be tearing holes in zombies left and right. Zombie dogs will join the fight. They are fast, agile, deal a load of damage, but are weak.

Take turns picking up ammo and do not commit selfish mistakes such as going out. If ANY of your squadmate happens to go down tonight, let him/her DIE. If they can’t survive tonight they will not survive the last wave. Do no risk yourself.


Near the end bloaters will now join the fight. Unlike the one you face previously in the zombie horde, These are normal bloaters, do keep in mind that they still deal a significant amount of damage on death. They are the primary reason why bent stairwells will become a deathtrap.


After the Night, grab whatever ammo you need off the ground and start running. Remember to toss away unwanted ammo such as 9mm and .45 you stacked up.

Start heading towards the RPD if possible. If you are unable to find it, or that it has been looted, (or for whatever reason), head towards the tyrant.

RPD Scenario

As with the previous zombie mode, RPD will be filled with policemen zombies, as well as G(Stage 1). There is also a default spawned minigun in one of the three locations (Lobby, under statue, on top of stairs) Run through the policemen zombies and grab the minigun. Start mowing down everything, but your PRIMARY target is G. Your squadmates should assist you by taking out the surrounding zombie policemen.

With G dead, his box has the best loot in game: Another minigun/flamethrower, an AWP (useless), a GROZA, and if you are extremely lucky, a ROCKET LAUNCHER (RPG will 20 shots) this rocket launcher can also be picked up as world spawn but only comes with 5 rockets.




The flamethrower is one of the best, if not THE BEST crowd control weapon in the game. Buffed from its previous version, it can melt any zombies save for bosses in a matter of seconds, even Bloaters and shield zombies.

Its ammo are rare, so use sparingly and ask your teammates to pick any they find.

Rocket launcher allows you to literally one shot any zombies save for the tyrant. It should be used only when you have a clear shot and when the zombies are cluttered.

Minigun has also received a recoil and accuracy buff. It now shoots much more accurately and deal significant damage to normal zombies.


At this point, check for remaining number of players. If it’s only your squad left, feel free to have your whole squad switch gear to zombie killing arsenals. If more than 6-7 people are alive, keep one (better be a good player) with a rifle. I’ve had my whole squad cleared out by another one coming into the police station because we are all using flamethrowers and miniguns.


Alot less zombies spawn in the RPD. EXCEPTIONS include ZOMBIE DOGS and BLOATERS near the beginning of the end wave. Take them out as quickly as possible. One of your minigunner/ Flamethrower should be watching the entrance. The other three should support him by clearing out zombies that DO spawn inside the station, as well as grabbing whatever ammo they can and drop it to the main entrance guard.


Approaching the end the most annoying enemy will arrive: LICKERS. They crawl extremely fast, and normal weaponary would require you to aim specifically at their heads and then move your aim back up to the zombies.

If you are still using a rifle at this point (Worse, without a jungle mag) consider yourself certified dead. You will not be able to outrun them, and running out of a building even with an antidote will only last you so long. Note:Flamethrowers are extremely effective against them


Approaching Wave 14/15, have your main door guard retreat up to the 2F behind the statue. Place two men on each of the stairs. One or two dogs/ bloaters occasionally spawn behind you but will make a huge roaring digging noise and should pose no problems. If you are still unable to hold this, retreat to one of the balcony hallways.

It is the longest hallway in this mode and will provide you with plenty of range to safely eliminate bloaters and lickers. BECAREFUL when using Rocket launchers in this hallway.


Nearing wave 15, if you are SOLO, no matter how good you are the zombies WILL overrun you. The last 30 seconds see a drastic increase in the already overwhelming amount of zombies. Grab an antidote and Stick it in yourself, then run outside and all the way through the main courtyard to the roof until rescue arrives. If you are playing squads, you should be able to last until the very end defending the hallway.


Tyrant Scenario


Bad news: You are unable to reach RPD for whatever reason. That automatically deprives you of the strongest defensive building in the game, as well as a minigun+ whatever flamethrower/minigun/ rocket launcher in it.

Your next best bet is to take out a Tyrant. He will still drop excellent loot, but is much harder to kill. Even if you have a rocket launcher prior to taking him down, Tyrant still takes up to 8-9 shots of rocket to kill, and about 600-800 minigun bullets.


After spending MUCH of your time GETTING to the tyrant and taking out the tyrant while praying you do not attract the attention of nearby players, you need to get to a building asap.

The more time you spend outside of a building during a wave the more damage you will take from the toxin. Feel free to pop an antidote if you are unable to get to a building in time.


Without the protection of RPD, you are forced to stick to old conventional 2-storey/ 3-storey buildings. You must absolutely have everyone in the squad in one building. BE PREPARED to have your building OVERRUN. Best case scenario you are in a city like pochinki or the 6 apartments.


Quickly rotate to another as a squad and hole up in the staircase again. If you happen to be running solo, take down as many zombies as possible and run up to roofs, jump off, pop an antidote and run to another building. Repeat. Do not Hope to kill all the zombies as a solo or hold a position. It is impossible.

That’s pretty much it for now, still ended up as a decently long guide. If you got any questions, feel free to comment or watch the video which I will post later and edit in a link.

Shared by Aplusho1996M416


Here’s the video guide⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

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