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PUBG mobile season 9 leaks A new update means a lot of new skins, new feature, more BUGS and other exciting stuff that will keep us entertained for the whole Season 9.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 leaks suggest Kar98 skin, Dacia skin and new emotes new parachute and many more. Pubg mobile Season 9 Update will be released on September, 13 along with the Season 9 Royale Pass, any leaks about the same will be added here.

PUBG mobile season 9

Pubg Mobile Season9 leaks

the new outfit seen in the picture below will be exclusively available in Season 9 and all PUBG Mobile players will be able to receive it by completing a few skin kar98, Dacia skin and new emote and many more


PUBG mobile season 9 leaks


Kar98 season 9 skin

Data miners have found that a new Kar98 skin is about to be released in the upcoming season. If our sources are right, it could be expected that the stellar-looking skin seen below would be available only for Royale Pass owners.


MP5K is a new smg gun and it will upcoming after new update 9mm amino will work on it and it is so powerful gun

The MP5K can be equipped with almost all the attachments available in PUBG Mobile, the list of which is given below:

  • Magazines – Extended Mag, Extended Quickdraw Mag and Quickdraw Mag (SMG).
  • Muzzles – Suppressor (SMG).
  • Lower Rail – Angled Foregrip, Vertical Foregrip, Thumbgrip, Halfgrip, Laser Sight and Light Grip.
  • Sights/Scopes – Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, Canted Sight, 2x, 3x, 4x and 6x.
  • Stocks – Tactical Stock.

Now talking about the Firing modes, it will have a Single Firing mode, Three round burst mode and a Full auto mode. The normal magazine size is 30 and with an extended mag the capacity can be increased all the way up to 40 rounds.

PUBG mobile season 9

PUBG MOBILE SEASON 9 new parachute
A new parachute skin with a Season 9 logo as seen below is also set to release soon and leakers have mentioned that the skin could be claimed after reaching the Ace Tier in the new season.

PUBG mobile season 9 leaks parachute

PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Update Major Changes

  • UMP9 will be renamed to UMP45 as it will no longer use the 9mm ammo, instead after the update the UMP45 will be using the .45ACP.
  • The magazine capacity of the UMP45 will be 25 and the extended capacity will be 35 rounds.
  • The P92 Pistol will support the Holographic sight apart from the Red dot sight.
  • The Vector SMG will no long use the .45ACP, instead will work with the 9mm rounds. The damage of the vector will also be reduced and the new default magazine capacity will be 19 and with an extended mag it will go up to 33 rounds.
  • Tactical Stock that can only be used with the Vector and M416 can now also be used with the M16A4 as well as the MK47 Mutant for a greater stability.
  • The Snowbike and Zima will replace the Motorbike and the UAZ in Vikendi respectively.
  • The damage of the AWM Sniper has been increased. Now a one body shot anything below a level 3 vest would result in a knockout.
  • New animation has been added to the FPP Mode while running with any SMG.
  • Extreme Cold Mode in Vikendi might as well be as well be a thing after the PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Update.