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Hi Guys IGN_KamaluNg here and today we will talk about PUBG Mobile Ranking System how PUBG Mobile Ranking System Works so In this PUBG Mobile Ranking System guide i will tell you  A brief understanding of how the PUBG Mobile ELO/MMR system works.I’ve purposely included both “ELO” and “MMR” because it is common to debate that one is actually other. It would be appreciated if we can avoid that argument completely as it doesn’t really matter…

Note: This is not an official statement just collective information of PUBG Mobile Ranking System.



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How PUBG Mobile Ranking System Works
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PUBG Mobile Ranking System Understanding General ELO/MMR Systems

ELO/MMR Systems in the simplest terms is a communal rating system. Your rank is based on how well you perform in your community. Rating points are transferred between players based on expected performance. If neither player has any rating points, points are generated. In some cases, like under PUBGs tier protection, points are also generated.

PUBGs ELO/MMR System Formula

PUBGs ELO/MMR System is based on the following formula:

Survival Rating + 20% of Kill Rating = Overall Rating

Survival Rating is based on Wins. The higher you place per match the higher your Survival Rating. Kill Rating is based on the number of kills you made & how you were killed. (There is no proof that the elo/mmr of the enemy has any effect on kill rating, although it seems very possible). However, it is important to note that kill rating only effects your overall rating by 20%, so you should prioritize the win over kills.

Understanding PUBGs ELO/MMR System (Theory)

ELO/MMR is based on probability. When a match loads, your survival and kill ratings are added to two different pools (two concurrent elo/mmr systems) along with the survival and kill ratings of all 99 other players. Everyone is then assigned a rank based on your ratings comparably.

The highest rating player will be given rank #1 and the lowest rating player rank #100. Based on these rankings each player is then assigned a Win percentile that directly correlates to how many points they will gain or lose after the matches completion.

Think of a 1st Place Chicken Winner as a 100% win and a 10th Place as a 90% win. If your ratings put you at rank #1 in your match that means you have the highest chance of winning so you’ll more then likely require a higher Win percentile to maintain your current rank.

It is important to note that all 100 players can have very similar ratings and therefore require similar Win percentiles. In these scenarios the highest ranking player may not see a big loss in points if dying early. However, when the rating pool is drastically spread out, lets say from bronze to platinum, the highest rating platinum player will see a large loss in points if dying early.

Understanding ELO/MMR Queuing

ELO/MMR systems queue you up against players who are slightly worst, equal, or slightly better then you before placing you against whoever is available. It is very unlikely for the average player to have the highest rating points in a match as previously mentioned as those spots are typically filled by players in the top 500 of the leaderboards since they have no one else to play.

Understanding PUBGs Tier Protection

PUBG grants players with tier protection whenever they rank up. Tier protection allows a player to maintain their current rank when they should have instead been demoted.

Tier protection can only be used once and is gained upon entering a rank. You can regain tier protection each time you reenter a rank.

PUBG Mobile Ranking System TLDR

  1. Wins > Kills (Overall Rating = Survival Rating + 20% of Kill Rating)
  2. We all got tier protection thats saves us once from being demoted when we should’ve been demoted for losing so bad
  3. If you went to the TLDR you probably know how ELO/MMR systems work so yeah all you need to know is the two points above.

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