Pubg Mobile Pacifist Achievement Guide

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Hi Guys Today We will talk about Pubg Mobile Pacifist Achievement | How to Earn Pacifist Title Pubg Mobile so Here’s a really cool secret to get the pacifist title in Pubg Mobile so Pacifist is Title in Pubg Mobilealong with an icon which can be displayed next to your name and Its reward for Pubg Mobile achievement called ” Free chicken Dinner  ( Full Guide Here  )” requires you to play Solo at Platinum level or above, and win a game with 0 kills

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  1. Pubg Mobile Pacifist Achievement
  2. How to Earn Pacifist Title Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile Pacifist Achievement

Full Guide here 


Pubg Mobile Pacifist Achievement

PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

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Learn the guns! The new training mode should help a lot. 35 Tips PUBG Mobile Guide Some can be misleading, I’ve killed a few people who had S12K shotguns but firing at long range because the S12K looks like an assault rifle. The AKM is the best all around weapon but needs a dot or sight to shine. 35 Tips PUBG Mobile Guide

The M16 or M4 is also great. Mid range guns have excellent accuracy but can only be pushed so far, at draw line distance you’re going to be slinging pot shots due to randomness, whereas some of the sniper rifles can be tricked out enough to hit at long distances. Bigger also isn’t always better, some of the large machine guns are great for mowing down a jeep but aren’t effective close in Continue Reading »

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