PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 – How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices

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PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019

How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices Hi guys today I will tell you PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 – How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices Like Pubg Mobile Lag Fix 2gb ram, Pubg Mobile Lag Fix 3gb ram, Pubg Mobile Lag Fix 4gb ram or whatever device You have, this PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 – How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices is shared by LASERBEEMS So come and take a look at Full Guide

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 – How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices

So you have a decent phone. PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 a flagship model from just last year. You know it should be able to run any game on the market no problem, but even after you turn down all the graphics settings you can find it runs like a toaster after just 10 minutes of gaming. What gives?


The answer is a little feature that comes with every make and model of mobile device and it’s called thermal throttling.

I guarantee you that 90% of the lag (fps drops) you get in games can be traced back to thermal throttling. It doesn’t matter what specs your phone has, the thermal engine overrides all.

Thermal throttling is responsible for keeping your phone at “safe” temperatures by stepping down your CPU’s maximum frequency whenever it detects an increase in temperature.

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 – How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices

The reason I say “safe” is because manufacturers will often make their thermal engines needlessly aggressive so they can advertise a long battery life.

In order to handle burst loads caused by intense firefights in PUBGMobile without experiencing frame-rate drops we would like our CPU to be running at max frequency.

Here is what you can do to maintain 60 fps all game, every game. Download a couple of monitoring apps so you can understand when thermal throttling is affecting your game.

I recommend GameBench to get an overlay of your in-game frames per second. You want to see a nice green 60 at all times. When it turns into a yellow 30 or a red 17 you will have a legitimate excuse for your potato aim.

Next up is Simple System Monitor. This is a wonderful ad-free app that lets you see your CPU speeds, GPU, available RAM, thermal sensors and more in neat, little graphs.

Your CPU frequencies are the most important. It will go up and down depending on your usage but if you begin to see the peeks getting lower and lower or what looks like a declining staircase (to fps hell) then you know you’re being throttled.

Now for the fix. The only way to overcome thermal throttling without rooting your device and messing with the system files is to find a cooling solution to use during your gaming sessions.

The reason for cooling is not so much to manage actual overheat, but rather to keep your thermal sensors at such a level that your phone never begins preemptive throttling.

I have been using ice packs wrapped in a paper towel. They only last about 30 minutes so you’ll need several to use in rotation. If you don’t have an ice pack you can make a pretty decent one by folding some paper towels into a nice, phone sized rectangle and putting them in a ziplock bag with some water.

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix 2019 – How To Fix Lag Issues For All Devices

What ever cooling solution you find just make sure its not too extreme or too sudden! Rapid changes in temperature are not excellent for your phone! One layer of dry paper towel between the ice pack and your phone makes for a great thermal buffer.

Holding an ice pack against the back of your phone while gaming can start to get uncomfortable so here’s what

I recommend as an adjustable mount. Cut a hose clamp and form it into the shape of a “C” then bend the ends of the c inwards to form little hooks. Use some padded foam tape to make spots on the top and bottom of your phone where you can mount the C clamp without scratching your phone. Hope that makes sense.

And presto. You now have a powerful little gaming machine that you can finally use to it’s full potential. You can finally play as well as you’ve always known you could without being crippled by constant lag and frame drops. Go wipe some squads and don’t let any of your friends see your phone or they will laugh at you XD.

Thank you, and have fun!