Pubg Mobile Gun Comparison 2020

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Pubg Mobile Gun Comparison 2020 | Pubg Mobile All Gun Comparison 2020.hi guys here i show you comparison of pubg guns which are better for you and how can you win chicken dinner. Here i am telling you about all gus guide and comparison . PUBG has 9 ARs, 9 Snipers, 4 SMGs, 4 Shotguns, 4 Pistols, 1 Revolver, 2 Machine Guns and 4 Melee weapons. Players always have their personal views on use of weapons. Here’s few comparisons that would help players for a better game-play.


Pubg Mobile Best Guns Guide 2020



Pubg Mobile Gun Comparison 2020


Automatic Rifles

M416 vs M16A4 vs AKM:


All of these guns are highly dangerous. Though the AKM has a higher base damage of 49 than both M416 and M16A4 which have a base damage of 43, the number of accessories attachable to M416 make it highly deadly for both close and distant encounters.


M416 vs SCAR-L: Again both of these guns have same base damage but SCAR-L has higher rate of firing but M416 has extra stability through the stock.




Kar98K vs Mini14 vs SKS:

sks Pubg Gun

The Kar98K is a bolt-action sniper rifle where as the other two are semi-automatic sniper rifles. The base damage is Kar98K > SKS > Mini14. A headshot with Kar98K can be lethal. Though SKS has higher base damage but firing rate and range of Mini14 makes it preferable.

UMP9 vs Micro UZI: UMP9 has higher base damage than Micro UZI and can be attached with scopes and grips making it perferable. but firing rate of the later is very high making it dangerous for close combats.

Vector vs Tommy Gun: Tommy Gun has higher base damage than Vector but the later can be equipped with scopes and grips making it preferable.

UMP9 vs Vector: UMP9 has higher base damage and a bigger magazine than Vector but vector has the highest firing rate which is equally preferable when equipped with an Extended Magazine.

S12K vs S686 vs S1897: S686 holds only 2 bullets but have highest firing rate among shotguns. S12K can be equipped with scope and is better than S1897 which has the least firing and reloading rate among shotguns.
Weapons from Air-drops

Weapons like AWM, Mk14, M24, M249 can be found in air dropped crates. These weapons are highly lethal and can be game changers. AWM bullets can even penetrate level 3 helmets with full durability. M24 and Mk14 are snipers of the same category (7.62) but M24 has higher range and base damage than Mk14. M249 is a machine gun which uses 5.56 bullets. It is deadly and holds the maximum number of bullets in the game.

Apart from weapons throwables like Frag, Smoke, Flashbang and Molotovs should be used with tactics to get the “Chicken Dinner”.

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