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Pubg Flare Gun Location Hi guys today we will take a look at this guide  How to Get Flare Gun Pubg Mobile, we all know that  recently pubg Mobile has been added flare gun in PUBG MOBILE in last September Update and The Flare Gun is a rare item which summons a super airdrop if used within the Playzone, or a Bulletproof UAZ if used outside the Playzone so come and let’s See how you can get this Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile and which Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location is best for finding Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile.

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I’ve found Pubg Mobile Flare Gun in two of the three games  First Two times I Found Pubg Mobile Flare Gun in Georgopol and Third in a Warehouse.


I Think Georgopol is one of the best Location forFlare Gun because I have seen So many Comments, reviews about Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location and in every Comment and reveiws people were saying that They got Pubg Mobile Flare Gun in Georgopol

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location

How Pubg Mobile Flare Gun works:

  1. Aim and shoot at your location, and make sure flare reaches at least 200m height. You only have a single shot!

  2. Custom air drop will come down to your location.

  3. Expect enemies ahead, behind, sideways and all over you.

Pubg Mobile 8x Scope Locations Erangel MAP

Erangel is a map of Busy city so there are greenery, bushes to hide, trees for cover, grass to peek and tonnes of building with hundreds of ridges so 8X scope and Kar98ks here aren’t easily available here.

If you’re the person who likes kills in the beginning then you definitely goes to busy places like pochinkischool, rozhok, yasnaya, military base, mylta powergeorgopol, novonrepnoye as well and here the probability of finding kar98ks and 8x are higher inmilitary base, mylta power, novonrepnoye and georgopol, and in pochinki school and rozhok there aren’t cool stuff.

If you don’t like kills (like me), I used to jump at severny, kameshiki, zharki, lipovka, primorsk, quarry, etc and always finds a kar98k and 8x.

In quarry there is always an 8x, in shed of primorsk and zharki and lipovka there is always a kar98k, people don’t go to Kameshikibut you can’t find any kar or 8x everytime but you’ll find one once in 4 times.

At the bunkers of shelter and one bunker (nearly 1 km away from shooting range) also spawns kar98k, 8x and plenty of loot but at shelter plenty of people also goes XD.

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Thanks For Reading Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Location Guide Hopefully, these tips have proven to be very valuable.