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Pubg Mobile Compensator Vs Flash Hinder Vs Suppressor. Hi guys today I tell you difference between Pubg mobile compensator,Flash Hinder and Suppressor. How to use them and which are a best tool to use in between them. All of them use for a gun used in Pubg Mobile after use them some changes occur like no sound etc here I told you about all quality and difference between them

Compensator vs Flash Hider

Pubg mobile compensator,Flash Hinder and Suppressor
Players generally get confused regarding when to use a compensator or when to use a flash hider.



Pubg mobile compensator

So, the compensator is used to minimize the sound coming from a gun as well as it reduces recoil in the gun.

 You will see this effect in high recoiling guns like and the guns which make much noise.

 It suppresses the noise coming from the muzzle which decreases your chances to get heard from far distances.

Let’s move on to flash hiders.

                 FLASH HIDER

Pubg mobile Flash Hinder

Flash Hiders, as from the name tells that they eliminate the muzzle flash while firing so you can be heard from a distance but can’t be spotted if you are behind a cover and at a good distance from your enemy.

But the compensator does not eliminate muzzle flash. Hence, it is a tough thing to opt either of them.

Now I will tell you how to use them sincerely.

If you are in a fight with a squad that has yet not spotted you then using flash hider is the best as you can still remain unspotted for some more time.

If you are near a popular place like Pochinki and you are indulged in a fight outside that place then compensators will keep you unspotted from players in that popular place.

Moreover, compensator decreases recoil so firing a person from a long way out can be best as that player never get to know who is shooting at him and from where as well as your gun will be more stable.

Flash Hiders are used in a situation where players are close enough to you and are spread in more than one direction.

If you are in a small safe zone then flash hider is more preferred. Because you can get spotted through muzzle flash.


Pubg mobile  Suppressor

There is one more attachment known as Suppressor which works both as a compensator as well as a flash hider. 

It is the best attachment in its role.

If you do not have suppressor than swapping between a flash hider and a compensator is the only option to remain unspotted.

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