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Pubg Mobile Backpack Guide Tips and Tricks complete guide about Pubg Mobile Backpack How to get chicken dinner easily and which things you need in backpack

Things to keep in the backpack

If your backpack in PUBG MOBILE gets full and if you want to pick up other items, then firstly you need to empty your backpack to create room and then pick up other stuff, till that time your other teammates have already looted the main stuff, this wastes your time and you fail to get cool stuff.
So, this guide is for you to carry only those things which are necessary so that you don’t run out of space.

Firstly we will discuss guns and ammunition.


To get good loot and to use that loot it before you die, you need to land in a safer and good place.

You should check out the below-mentioned post for better landing tips.

Shotguns are present everywhere in the game and they are a single shot killer in close range if used properly, their ammo is less available in the game as their bullets take much space than other rifles and Shotgun doesn’t take many bullets to knock down your opponents so if you are picking up a Shotgun, 20 bullets of 12 Gauge will be good enough for you as you would definitely like to swap Shotgun with a better long-range gun.

If you are using an SMG gun like UMP9, UZI then you must have 280-300 bullets as you would love to use SMG rifle primarily while rushing and of course, many bullets get wasted while rushing also, it has a high Firing Rate and low power hence SMG requires more bullets to knock down an enemy.

If you are using an assault rifle like AKM, M416, etc. then you must have 300 bullets too as they are also your primary weapon and have above average Firing Rate. In case, if you are having both SMG and an Assault Rifle then, I suggest you use Assault Rifle for close to mid-range and SMG for long-range(UMP9) but if you have an SMG in which scope cannot be attached then, you should use that particular SMG for close range only or you should swap that SMG with a Marksman Rifle or Sniper Rifle.
If you have a Marksman rifle like Mini 14, MK 14, etc. then, you need about 200-250 bullets as Marksman Rifle can be used for both sniping and assaulting.

If you are using Sniper Rifle i.e. Kar98k, M24 then you need at most 80-100 bullets as they are Single-Bolt Action Rifle hence they fire a single bullet at a time and they are very powerful so fewer bullets are needed to knock your enemy.

If you are a pistol lover then you just need 30 bullets for a pistol, they can be used in case you have low ammo.

In case, if you have different types of rifles but the same type of ammo then your ammo should depend on the gun which requires maximum ammo, additionally, you can take 1 or 2 more bundles of ammunition.

Other thing you need in Pubg Mobile Backpack Guide

Secondly, you need three health kit,10 bandages, 3 painkillers or 5 energy drinks for recovering.

For projectiles, 4 frag grenade, 3 smoke grenade, 1 Molotov cocktail, and a stun grenade would be sufficient.

You need a pan also, using pan while sprinting reduces the chance of getting a body shot sometimes.

Always remember to remove the items that are not necessary.
The items that are not necessary are marked with 🚫 sign.
Some players ignore shotguns and swap it with other rifles but the ammo and attachments of that gun remain in their backpack since that stuff is of no further use, it must be removed from the backpack to increase the capacity.

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