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 Hi Guys Pubg Mobile Attachments Guide 2019 Easily one of my favourite aspects of the game is the ability to create your own loadouts from scratch when you find your endgame weapons. It’s fun to pursue those crazy loadout screenshots with all perfect weapons with full attachments. But which combos are the best, and with what attachments?

For the most part,Pubg Mobile Attachments Guide it’s personal preference. However, there’s a wide variety of great combinations that almost everyone can enjoy depending on the playstyle, something I want to experiment with


The most vital portion of the game- what weapons synergise best together, and which should you avoid?

I would argue that it is primarily a question of ranges and which weapons give the best coverage over one another. Take, for example, an Uzi/Kar98 combo.

You are very lacking in one area: Uzi has solid close range combat with good mag size and shredding power, but its lack of a scope and slow bullet speed make it a poor choice in midrange.


Kar98 is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, featuring high single-shot damage and low mag size, with high bullet speed. However, it suffers in midrange where it is outclassed by DMRs- this is my first point:

Some of the best loadouts not using 5.56 ARs generally have 2 midrange options, with the weapons serving multiple roles.

Meanwhile, ARs give a bit more flexibility, and you don’t need a second versatile midrange option nearly as much. This leaves bolt-actions as a better choice since you don’t need the added coverage.

AR/Bolt Action: how to transition into it

AR/Bolt Action is probably the most prominent loadout style. The ‘dream loadout’ for most people would be M416/Kar98, and for good reason. However, the most fundamental part is having a low-recoil 5.56 AR for close and long-midrange to serve nearly every role except extreme long range. You don’t need to have M4 for this to work, but it’s preferred.


The best way to build into this is arguably AKM/M16A4. This leaves your options open to build into crate items while also allowing you to have both ammo types to transition to M4/Kar when you want. You also have a good loadout until you build into M4/Kar- AKM for good shredding power and M16 as a ‘discount DMR’. You will also have similar scopes needed for both, and AKM/M16 is easy to build, making it perfect for this.


Incredibly versatile in both attachments and ammunition. Both require attachments but the attachments are good on a lot of other weapons.

Also, a lot of great weapons use 7.62 or 5.56. You can take any AR and almost any DMR or Sniper if you want and have plenty of ammo.


Requires a lot of attachments (will get into this later) and is hard on backpack space, meaning you may need to conserve ammo.

Also consider the slightly increased difficulty of obtaining ammo since pistols other than the Revolver don’t use 7.6 or 5.5.

If nothing else is available

Any AR can replace any AR if you want to. However, if you can’t seem to find one, a long-midrange SMG (UMP9 in particular) will suffice. If you’re missing the sniper, a DMR or M16 are still good temporary options. If you like, they can also be good for endgame, although a little redundant. A DP28 also is good, but the double 7.62 weapon endgame makes it iffy. VSS can fill the sniper spot as a better stealth option.

Crate Transition

Literally any crate weapon can work here. Kar gets subbed by M24, MK14, or an AWM, while the AR gets subbed by M249, AUG, or maybe Groza. Keep inventory space in mind, however.

Building SMG/DMR, and the perks of it-

Less commonly used is its strange relative: the SMG/DMR combo. Because of the SMG’s general lack of midrange (Ump9 being a notable exception, with Vector close behind it) a DMR synergises well with them. A DMR excels in mid-to-long range, and fills any gaps that an SMG can’t.

As for transition, one of the biggest perks is that it’s very easy to get your endgame loadout! SMGs are not hard to come by, and an M16 or even AKM can fill your DMR slot until you find your SKS, SLR, or Mini14. Also, there is no real limit to which SMG/DMR combo you use. They all have a good synergy with one another. VSS is a weird one, but if you’re using Vector or Tommy for 2 ammo types you probably won’t have big issues.

An SMG for every situation

As a side note here- the SMGs may play different roles in different gamemodes. A tommy gun is generally overlooked but actually works well in this loadout, especially in squads. An extended mag Tommy Gun has a full 50 rounds which is perfect to clear rooms of multiple people with your teammates. Uzi works best in solos as an assassination weapon for its quick shredding power and both are very stealthy with a suppressor while being easy to build.


Very easy to build for earlygame, with most SMGs able to do well with few attachments. Some are even hipfired and don’t need to have a sight. The ones that do only need a red dot to perform well. A single Extended mag can make a huge difference to any SMG and isn’t difficult to find. Once you have that, the main component of your Tommy or Vector has been found. Once your SMG has a EX mag and muzzle, you’re pretty much finished with half of your loadout.

As for DMRs, they are still not too difficult to find and fairly easy to kit if you plan ahead. AR attachments are easy to get and can be used on a substitute weapon like an M16 or AKM until you get a DMR.

Also, the lightweight SMG ammo allows you to easily stack up hundreds of bullets without high end backpacks.


Lacks extreme long range that would be filled by bolt action snipers.

May be difficult to transition into crate weapons because of the ammo types you’re using. (Although if you have a 7.6 DMR, an MK14 is a great transition option.)

If nothing else is available

SMGs can be sorta replaced by a shotgun, especially the S12K for its decent midrange and close range, but I would change it out ASAP. S686 is also a surprisingly viable option when nothing is available. ARs also work, but they eliminate the advantage of low inventory space taken up and are sometimes harder to get ammo for. The DMR can be subbed by, as I’ve mentioned, an AKM or M16A4, both on single fire. DP-28 can fill either slot, although I wouldn’t recommend double 7.62.

Crate Transition

Not as good, however still effective depending on your choice in DMR. If you stocked 5.56 for your Mini14 you could maybe go for a long range spec AUG, and if you used SKS or SLR, the MK14 or potentially M24 work. Your best weapon here is stealth, so the Ghillie works even better in this loadout than with AR/Sniper.

These two templates are what I would consider your best options depending on your playstyle. Shotguns are a bit clunky and inconsistent, but Crossbow can substitute as a Sniper or DMR in either of these since it has good midrange and the best stealth in the game. I would highly recommend it if you enjoy it. Also, it takes low backpack space and is easy to build since it doesn’t really need anything added on.

Here’s the general ranking: Mags are pretty simple.


1)ExQd Mag

2)Ex Mag

3)Qd Mag

Ex mag is pretty much always better than the Qd mag, even on weapons that have a higher reload time.

Grips are a lot iffier, depending on the weapon.

Just remember that the orange half grip is the ‘best’ unless firing once at a time (then it’s very low-end). It’s great on ARs and SMGs but not as good on DMRs unless quickly firing.

Half Grip is the best for bursts of fire.

Light grip I’ve heard reduces performance in some cases but is the ‘best’ for slow single fire. It’s excellent on DMRs when you fire slowly. Light Grip is the best for single shots.

Thumb and Vertical grips are pretty decent at everything, though not excellent.

Vertical is slightly better in every respect statistically. Thumb and Vertical Grips are flexible. Angled is a bit all over the place, and pretty meh. Angled is weird.

Muzzles are also a bit tricky. I prefer Suppressor for close range when I think I can get a knock or kill before the enemy fires a shot.

Suppressors can also be considered a direct upgrade to the Sniper Flash Hider on bolt actions in every way. Recoil reduction is useless from it when you leave the scope after every shot.

Compensators are, in general, great past close range weapons, and can be considered against Flash Hider most of the time; either stealth or better aiming ability.

I would rank them:



Flash Hider

Scopes are personal preference, although the Red Dot, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x really stand out. 2x is very useful on Crossbow, and the holo just takes up too much screen to be very useful.

The rest is the usual- If you can equip bullet loops, always equip bullet loops. This especially applies to the Kar98. The added stability of the cheek pad doesn’t really do anything for it currently. Other than that, just make sure every slot is filled with something.