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Hi giuys Pubg Mobile 0.11 Update Chinese Beta Update has been released This Pubg Mobile 0.11 Update Chinese Beta Update comes packed with a plethora of changes, improvements, and additions that will give any gamer enought to sink their teeth into. In this Pubg Mobile 0.11 Update Chinese Beta Update we will get New weapon – MK47, New Vehicle – Tuk-tuk and much more

Pubg Mobile 0.11 Update Chinese Beta Update release brings some new weapon MK47 that should immediately delight those who are in it for the carnage and destruction. There is also a new Vehicle Tuk-Tuk

Changes in short:


  1. -New weapon – MK47
  2. -New Vehicle – Tuk-tuk
  3. -New attachment – Laser sight
  4. -New weather on Erangel & Miramar
  5. -Season area with snow
  6. -Death cam reply
  7. -New animations!

THERE IS NO NEW SNOW MAP. Those are fake videos spread on YouTube & everywhere. Those snow screenshots are actually taken from little newly added snow area, like current Autumn area.

Video by Ray LAGARTO (Trustworthy source)

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