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Overwatch heroes and villains now number at least 22 as of last count. Rumors of upcoming ones are continuing to excite or irritate the playing community.Overwatch update leak 

Overwatch update leak Athena – Omnic Support Hero?


One rumored upcoming hero is Athena. Overwatch players know her as the game’s announcer. Blizzard even featured the AI in a short animated film entitled, “Recall“. Athena’s possibility as a playable character has surfaced several months ago.Overwatch update leak 


There have been speculations that Athena will have its own Omnic body. Rumormongers based their Athena theory on an old Overwatch group photo. Among them is a female looking Omnic robot sporting a single eye with the Athena logo on her forehead.Overwatch update leak 

It has also been theorized that Athena may join the game as a support for other Heroes. Blizzard has yet to officially confirm if this rumor is true.Overwatch update leak 

Athena – Sombra Connection

Overwatch update leak


Sombra’s supposed upcoming appearance in the game has sparked interest on other possible heroes that will be added to Overwatch. Sombra is generally viewed as a Talon villain while Athena is expected to side with the good guys.Overwatch update leak 

Many are aware of the amomentincrime website which is touted a countdown progress for Sombra. As of press time, the download is a little above 15 percent. Blizzard however, has chosen to keep quiet about the matter.Overwatch update leak 

There have been reports though that Sombra’s coming will also pave the way for Athena’s reemergence as a playable character in Overwatch instead of a glorified game announcer. Curse Entertainment speculated that Sombra may have something to do with Reaper’s attempted hacking on Athena.Overwatch update leak 


Many Overwatch fans are hoping that Sombra or Athena will make it to the game as soon as possible. A number of fans though are hoping characters such as Doom Fist will also come out. Other rumors point to a character named Liao as possible addition to the game. Most of these of course, are purely speculation. Blizzard still has the final say on this matter.



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